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Building a Supply Chain Control Tower With SaaS-Based Tech

With the rise of digital resources and collaborative logistics, the old ways of managing shipping data and tracking information are fading. The transportation and logistic industry is now shifting towards a more digital and augmented method of collaboration and communication. It is time to move to a supply chain control tower approach.

Why Companies Miss Competitive Differentiation Without a Digital, Unified Control Tower

For the transportation industry, loss of time, and the added cost of shipping delays are amongst the most significant issues that need to be addressed. A substantial chain of command and a supply chain control tower setup is necessary. Without it, much of the competitive advantage can be lost. When logistics partners have to stop for any step of the supply chain process, it costs time, money, and human resources. Automating processes with a supply chain control tower can help avoid delays before they happen.

As further explained by Inbound Logistics, “a shipper can opt to allow the automatic approval/payment of invoices up to say, $50 above the approved rate. When there’s an unexpected cost of less than $50 encountered during shipment —an entrance fee, stop charge, toll, etc.—these small overages pass through without triggering an exception requiring managers to review and approve manually.” Unfortunately, the lack of that automation can cost thousands of labor hours and delay the payment clock for brokers and 3PLs. This is where the power of a modern, cohesive transportation control tower comes in. It helps keep things moving as quickly and efficiently as possible. It reduces time, delays, and allows everything to flow with a more productive approach.

How SaaS-Based Tech Creates a Competitive Advantage

SaaS systems are designed to be implemented easily by management teams. They are scalable, flexible, adaptable, and more affordable. They are easier to implement and are much lower in cost—especially when compared to building in-house systems. SaaS solutions allow you to maintain a competitive edge by using APIs to streamline management and related processes. This type of tech works hand in hand with the control tower model.  SaaS-based tech makes it easier to take full advantage of the supply chain control tower setup. 

The supply chain control tower focuses on simplicity and usability. It is designed to keep everyone on the same page. The goal of a carefully designed control tower is to deliver reliable results. This is known as “end-to-end” visibility. Where every step is based on real-time analytics. When up-to-the-minute data can be easily accessed, every member of the team can make more informed decisions. Everyone has a clear view of the process with a supply chain control tower approach. 

Tips for Building a Supply Chain Control Tower

Supply chain leaders should follow these tips to deploy SaaS technologies to build a supply chain control tower:

  1. Connect everything. This approach is about bringing all your internal and external systems together. It allows for seamless sharing and communication. It helps keep everything running smoothly and efficiently from start to finish.
  2. Take advantage of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).  Issues can quickly and easily be addressed. Delays are minimized. Wait times are reduced. Miscommunication events are mostly eliminated.
  3. Share data in real-time. The ability to access real-time data and make informed decisions on the fly are benefits most managers do not have.  End-to-end visibility helps every step in the process move smoother when it’s up to date.
  4. Share messages with context. No matter where you are in the chain of command, sending messages in relation to the topic allows partners to communicate more effectively. 
  5. Use a single pane of glass. Improve overall performance with end-to-end visibility to your supply chain using a system that presents data from multiple sources in a unified display.
  6. Partner. The logistics industry is in the middle of a technology-driven transformation. Established industry software solutions are here to help. Partner with a technology company that will help you make the changes needed to adapt.

Explore the Value of a Digital Control Tower With a Unified Logistics Tech Stack

The old ways of data tracking, communication, and planning are gone. Digitally managing end-to-end visibility is possible thanks to the digital control tower concept. To make the most of this technology and ensure continued growth, let the experts at Turvo help you through every step of the process. Visit Turvo online to get started.

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