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Customer Stories

Taimen Transport used Turvo to earn trust with customers and ship COVID-19 vaccines.

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Taimen Transport, an established North American 3PL, partnered with Turvo to increase


Despite a year of "black swan" events, Turvo helps clients provide safe transport of perishable goods using cloud-based collaborative TMS for maximum visibility, sustainability, and operating efficiency.

New applications on Turvo Collaboration Cloud give supply chain companies a technical edge to capture new business and enhance customer and carrier experiences.

Supply Chain and Logistics professionals at the FreightWaves F3 Virtual Experience voted Turvo’s Collaboration Cloud, TMS, and Visibility Solutions “Best in Show,” giving Turbo its fourth consecutive win for 2021


The proper use of logistics technology creates and empowers strategic customer experience programs and initiatives. Find out today.

Increased order visibility promotes improved supply chain management and efficacy. Find out why and how today.

The leading TMS benefits include cost reductions and streamlined freight execution. Learn more today.

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In a survey conducted with supply chain management professionals, Turvo discover what's driving customer experience. Learn more about where investment is being spent today.

Your complete guide to everything you need to put your logistics operation on the path to success toward a leaner, greener transportation operation.

The DIY approach to software is old, tired and fading fast. Learn how adopting off-the-shelf logistics technology can synchronize your people, systems, trading partners and supply chains to differentiate your customer experience.


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