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Taimen Transport used Turvo to earn trust with customers and ship COVID-19 vaccines.

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Taimen Transport, an established North American 3PL, partnered with Turvo to increase


Turvo’s Integration Hub, part of the Turvo Collaboration Cloud, adds point-and-click integrations that empower logistics teams to easily connect third-party systems and unify their supply chain operations.

New partnership between FreightWaves and Turvo provides actionable, accurate freight market data when shippers, 3PLs, brokers, and carriers need it most.

Turvo recently won Best In Show for the 3rd consecutive time FreightWaves LIVE @Home. Learn why.


Shipping exception management remains a vital way for companies to understand logistics and avoid unnecessary redundancy. Learn more today.

Finding trucking capacity faster means expanding the network on demand and lowering barriers to onboarding. Learn more today.

An advanced supply chain control tower does not materialize overnight. It’s the result of hard work and unified systems. And SaaS-based tech is the key. Learn why.

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The DIY approach to software is old, tired and fading fast. Learn how adopting off-the-shelf logistics technology can synchronize your people, systems, trading partners and supply chains to differentiate your customer experience.

The digital supply chain is the next frontier for organizations to optimize

Managing EDI In-House Versus Using Turvo EDI or electronic data interchange is


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