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Turvo Order to Shipment Planning

No other TMS can plan single or multiple orders into one or more shipments in just a few clicks. Easily build schedules, routes, dimensions, capacities, and more, with cost allocations and margins.
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Build and Cover Shipments Fast

Collaborate seamlessly with shippers and plan your orders in 3 easy steps: Choose orders, verify routes, and assign your carriers. Use AI-powered tools and powerful workflows for automated order entry, pricing, contracts, and routing guides.

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Give Your Customers a Better Experience

Turvo customers and their customers, carriers, and partners enjoy a modern experience with built-in order management and inventory visibility functions that allow you to go way beyond the limits of a traditional TMS. Share a modern TMS with slick screens and collaboration functions that eliminate back-and-forth check calls, and enable complex, optimized shipment builds.

Plan Flexible Multi-Leg Shipments

In a complex distribution network, orders move on multiple shipments across carriers and modes from origin to final destination. With multi-leg shipments in Turvo, you can group multiple shipments that are inter-connected to fulfill customer orders. Report on each leg separately, tender to separate carriers, and manage workflows for each leg independently.

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Smarter Tools Shared with Your Network

Unify Systems, Data,
and Processes

With Turvo, our 3PL and freight broker customers enjoy a single platform experience that expands through their tech stacks with Turvo at the center of operations. Integrate with order management systems (OMS) and pull orders into Turvo using automated workflows with no manual effort. Access public APIs to connect with warehouse management systems (WMS), ERPs, load boards, freight indexes, tracking providers, telematics, accounting systems, and more. Pull data in and push updates back through seamless integration.

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