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Digital Transformation for Carrier Logistics

Trim the waste, see the opportunities, act on data and become a carrier-of-choice for your supply chain.
Read the Press Release Turvo Launches New Capabilities To Build Great Carrier Networks.


Bring trading partners together in a network to transact collaboratively.

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Maximize shipment visibility to reduce the time spent per shipment.

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Turnkey management insights, considering all your data points.

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Turvo Connect

Connect to your partners’ platforms to promote efficient process.

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End-to-End Transportation Management That Maximizes Value-Add for Your Supply Chain

The collaborative logistics power behind Turvo brings real value to carrier-shipper relations. Unlock real-time shipment visibility to handle the things that go wrong before they cause disruption and finally automate the processes from across your management systems with intuitive and easy-to-use dashboards.

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Turvo Productivity Tools Add Value

Save and share your company information for better alignment with logistics partners for better shipment management.


Gain more control over document management with digital POD, BOL, invoicing, and any other document form management within Turvo, saving time and headache with maintaining compliance and dispatching jobs.


Cross-functional teams have the tools needed to reduce payment processing errors, save time, and derive more value with faster, better payment management through Turvo Pay.


Reduce confusion by seeing all communications and shipments in the context of shipment/order/status history. Know what happened and why, making the right decision on the first try to save resources and intervene when necessary.


Quickly sort, review, and isolate key shipments based on smart search functions and tags, such as #RunningLate or #OnTime. Turvo auto-populates many tags, but you have the ability to add more details than just the system-generated notifications.


Share data with your supply chain partners and vice versa within Turvo. Give any non-Turvo user access to your dashboards with a simple Turvo Link. It’s a true turnkey approach to digital transformation in management of your fleet, drivers, equipment, shippers, brokers, 3PLs, and partnering LSPs.


Eliminate the hassle of check calls and figuring out where & when drivers were with Timeline. Immediately see past performance of drivers, gain real-time visibility into shipment status, and offer transparent shipping to your logistics partners.


Turvo’s simplified dashboards provide a snapshot into your network with drill down capabilities, you can rely on expandable details to help reduce the time spent per shipment. Meanwhile, guided workflows reduce risk for error and enable faster order processing.

The Tangible ROI of Turvo for Logistics Providers

More Revenue/Person
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More Shipments/Client
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Fewer Manual Updates
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Better Fleet Utilization
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Turvo Execution Applications

Smart Search​

Quickly find any load, item, order, or shipment status with keywords in the easy-to-find search.

Offer Management

Online bidding and negotiations to make agreements a breeze.

Automated Rate Confirmations

Contact to execution faster with automated rate confirmations.

Driver App

Share data via the Turvo Driver App, using telematics to know exactly where shipments are.

Document Management

Everything in one place. Stop searching, scanning, and checking for documents.


Shorten the payment clock with automated payment processing.

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