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Driving Collaborative Supply Chains for 3PLs

The world’s only collaborative TMS and 3PL software platform for maximum ROI and scale.
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Key TMS Features

Integrate data from multiple WMS, ERP, and logistics systems into a single platform for end-to-end visibility, collaborative execution, and shared network access with your customers, carriers, and partners.

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Tech-Driven Supply Chain Collaboration

Turvo TMS and Collaboration Cloud is the world’s most state-of-the-art logistics technology and the heartbeat of operations for 3PLs, 4PLs, and freight brokers of all sizes. Connect all stakeholders in the supply chain with Turvo’s SaaS cloud platform featuring a unique collaboration layer that unifies people, processes, and data. Pull in your network of assets and operations including brokerages and managed transportation services and extend transparency of shipments and analytics to customers.

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Easily Connect
and Expand Your
Tech Stack

Turvo customers enjoy a best-of-breed ecosystem with easy integrations to Turvo’s extensive Network and Integration Hub of load boards, capacity management, accounting, visibility and fraud identity solutions like Oracle Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, DAT, P44, Parade, RMIS, MyCarrierPackets, Highway, and FourKites.

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Turvo Brings Together Everyone
Involved In A Shipment

Turvo goes way beyond the visibility of a supply chain control tower and other TMS systems. See further up and down the supply chain, and outside of the business that you touch or outsource. Invite everyone, including the end consumer, to interact in one view. Shared information allows people to collaborate and engage directly, removing silos, manual processes, and intermediaries that slow shipments.

TMS 3pl software connects everyone involved with shipments

Make Turvo your one customer-facing logistics platform. Provide a standardized experience for customers to engage with you and their carriers and customers, rather than logging into multiple portals for unorganized reports that don’t help in decision-making. Empower your network with visibility into every movement, and enable alerts to manage by exception.

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