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Turvo Driver App

Unlock the path to efficiency when working with drivers with the Turvo Driver App. Gain complete shipment visibility to understand driver and delivery trends.
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Streamlined Driver Communications

Utilizing the Turvo Driver App, drivers can rest assured documentation is complete and accessible. Telematics integration and the use of GPS within the Turvo Driver App provide additional insights so you can continuously improve with:

Eliminating Check Calls

Unlock the Path To Efficiency

drivers save time
get connected to our freight network
get shipments
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The Turvo Driver Application works alongside the full lineup of Turvo productivity tools. For example, when connected to Turvo Analytics, the Driver App derives more insights and shortens the payment clock. Connection to tags within Turvo helps to reduce confusion and generate automated alerts for customized notifications to users. It’s an opportunity to apply data from the truck to better manage freight, pay drivers faster, and work together.

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Complete Shipment Visibility Features

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