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A Lesson in TMS Software Selection and Why AFC Chose Turvo

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When it comes to the supply chain, we’re working in a market that has never been tighter. Logistics operations are a tangled mess, and the competition is playing harder and smarter than ever before. Companies that want to do more than just survive are taking a hard look at their transportation management software (TMS) and technology infrastructure. Logistics service providers (LSPs) are asking themselves: “Do I stick with my current investments which likely require more resources and costs to operate – or do I embrace the digital era and upgrade my TMS to accelerate my business through automation and real-time collaboration with my supply chain partners?

Aging software and spreadsheets create manual processes, costly data re-entry, and inaccurate data that can’t be shared and acted upon in real-time. Integrating can also be difficult. Newer cloud software has open APIs for easy integration and unlimited advantages to expand your ecosystem with leading industry solutions.

When evaluating solutions it’s important to do your due diligence, all TMS software is not created equal. In this must-watch webinar, AFC Transport outlines the steps they took to replace their existing TMS. Join us for Freightwaves’ upcoming webinar, “AFC Transport: A Lesson In TMS Software Selection And Why We Chose Turvo,” to learn the details behind their exhaustive search process to find the right scalable TMS to bring their business to the next level. 

Learn exactly why AFC Transport chose Turvo to support its plan for 4X growth and a $300M run rate over the next five years.

AFC Transport explains their selection process, including:

  • The “shortlist” and “shortfalls” of TMS solutions evaluated.
  • The “must-haves” to support customers, staff, drivers, and carriers.
  • Exactly where its existing TMS stalled out.
  • Why the least expensive TMS solution isn’t necessarily the right solution.
  • Why an 80% “off-the-shelf” requirements match is easy, and how to get the 20% custom fit.
  • How AFC Transport replaced limited integration capacity with easy access, open APIs.
  • The path to automation, efficiency gains, and faster transactions.
  • Delivering the best customer experience is a game-changer.

“We evaluated leading TMS solutions over 45 days. We did our due diligence and decided Turvo was 100% right for our vision. Our TMS software wasn’t broken – but we knew we couldn’t get to the next level with it. It was a roadblock to our growth plan.” Kyle Ingraham, President, Logistics, AFC Transport

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