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Why Being a Digital Broker First is a Must for Modern Logistics

A decade ago, telling someone you were a digital broker would be met with eyebrow-raises and multiple “deer in a headlight” looks. A digital broker is a common term and highly desired career in today’s logistics environment. 

With technology getting more intelligent with each passing day, it was just a matter of time before digital brokering swept through our landscape with open arms. 

Benefits Of Being A Digital Broker

Digital brokers are on the front lines of helping small fleets or owner-operators reduce empty miles, increase revenue, and get home to their loved ones with little to no delay. 

Starting your career in logistics as a digital broker helps you understand routing and how a simple mistake can lead to severe consequences. 

Information moves at lightning speed, helping a new digital broker see the bigger picture of a logistics market. It’s three-dimensional, over a one-dimensional position like a CSR in a brick and mortar logistics firm. 

Giving a digital broker a full view of supply chains, how trucks move through routes, matching freight to reduce empty miles, and how one late delivery impacts every other touchpoint after. 

Having benefits like this available at a glance provides a big-picture view, providing lightning-speed insights. All because of the tech available to a digital broker.

Digital Broker Insight

Three-dimensional learning is a broader picture of the freight market, giving digital brokers more clarity on overall freight movement. 

How these movements and driver lane selections weave into each other, and how costing and real-time rating add the third dimension to their decision-making ability, helping digital brokers make informed decisions. 

When entire routes are available visually, our brains comprehend the big picture, taking us out of a one-dimensional view like the traditional load from picking up the cargo at a shipper and delivering it to a consignee or client. 

It provides a better skill set and a deeper understanding of the freight market. Without the technology digital brokerages brought to logistics, this would not be possible. 

Understanding the overall spider web of how the logistics world functions at its core is critical, including

  • how trucks make money 
  • how routes can quickly destroy any margins
  • and why companies choose specific markets 

This kind of knowledge is seldom attained in a one-dimensional dispatch environment.

As the logistics industry shifts, digital brokerages are at the forefront of the change, providing real-time data to help companies make informed decisions and helping new sales reps learn faster. 

When you add this to the visual side of all digital brokerages, it catapults learning to a new level and helps “green” reps see the bigger, more comprehensive picture of what supply chains globally look like. 

Freight movements are not singular; when a product gets dropped off on a dock, that’s usually the start of the journey as images help comprehension 60,000 times faster than words, digital movements and infographic systems that digital brokers use to teach them at lightning speeds. 

Giving digital brokers new perspectives and collaboration between multiple channels provides an added layer of insight and education your standard brokerage doesn’t provide. 

The Differentiating Factor Of A Digital Broker

Data is the new oil in today’s fast-paced logistics environment, making a digital broker, the data set masters. 

Learning the importance of an entire service triangle from day one helps gain insight into the logistics and freight world; most take decades to learn.

These skills can immediately translate into success in a one-dimensional market like typical freight sales when reps sell an A-B service and leave carriers to fend for themselves on either a new head or backhaul. 

An incredible opportunity is left sitting: However when you understand freight triangles (the main lanes a trucking company runs), service webs (where companies serve with different modes of transportation), and the logistics world through a digital broker, entry into traditional brokerage houses is streamlined and easier to navigate. 

The digital freight broker is the best starting point for all new sales reps looking to break into the supply chain world. When starting in a digital environment, you learn the full scope of what is needed to help clients automate their processes, reduce downtime, and connect their entire supply chain in a single place. 

Systems like Turvo lead the field in cutting-edge tech stacks and help new sales reps understand the complete picture instead of seeing one side of the coin. 

Turvo’s seamless supply chain integration and end-to-end platform eliminates redundancies and automates the entire supply chain business process. Giving you real-time data and insights to make better, more targeted decisions in milliseconds.  

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