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How a Collaborative Logistics Platform Mitigates Supply Chain Disruption

The value of a collaborative logistics platform implementation is quite clear. Collaborative logistics affords an opportunity for businesses to unlock more resilience and flexibility in their supply chains. previously talked about the lessons learned on resilience for global value chains under threat and the five supply chain resilience ‘levers’ companies should put in place.

However, in the midst of the digitalization of industries, business leaders need to know how a collaborative logistics platform is an additional lever supply chain executives can and should pull.

A Collaborative Logistics Platform Creates End-to-End Transparency

The rise of collaborative logistics and its ability to create end-to-end transparency is critical to mitigating supply chain disruption in the current business environment. End-to-end transparency helps companies look beyond current operations and understand how demands in the downstream and upstream supply chains will lead to surpluses or potential shortages.

As a result, companies are more likely to rethink procurement processes and avoid unnecessary delays.

Proactive Management Reduces the Need for Reactive Processes

Part of this transparency exists within improved supplier networks and better management of procurement processes. As explained by Deloitte, “companies have built strong relationships with key suppliers and have put systems in place to provide visibility across the extended supply network to better understand their risks and drive specific actions based on their priorities. They developed agility within their production and distribution networks to quickly reconfigure and maintain supply to global demand, and they invested in supply chain planning and control tower solutions to better sense and respond, and even predict, supply chain issues.”

Instead of waiting until a problem arises, proactive processes within a collaborative logistics platform help to future proof supply chains and avoid the issues with out-of-stocks and an inability to respond when an issue arises. That narrative will be put to the ultimate test as peak season approaches.

Automation Lessens the Burden for Companies

Automated capabilities within a collaborative logistics platform alleviate the strain on companies experiencing shortages in talent, limited capacity, and trouble of understanding customers’ buying habits.

Since customer buying habits have radically shifted and contributed to a massive surge in e-commerce growth, the value of automation, such as automated notification to keep trading partners informed, has dramatically increased.

The same features allow for intuitive, contextual messaging functions that help to reduce mistakes and errors. When everyone has access to the same information and systems to auto-populate data, the risk of overlooking key information decreases.

Shared Data and Centralized Document Storage Creates Supply Chains That Can Survive Disruption

Opportunities to deploy a collaborative logistics platform also involve shared data and documents capabilities. Centralizing document management and storage and allowing all supply chain users, including truckers, to upload and share paperwork, effectively reduces the amount of work needed to complete a shipment. As a result, organizations can rapidly evolve supply chain operations, gain added flexibility, transparency, and resiliency to combat limited resources, and keep freight moving.

Increase Your Supply Chain’s Ability to Mitigate Disruption With an Adaptive System

Flexibility and resiliency within the supply chain are no longer nice-to-have functions; they are essential to mitigate the severe impacts of potential supply chain disruptions, including the COVID-19 crisis and the upcoming hurricane season. Also, the traditional peak season planning stage and timeline are here. Therefore, establishing your business as a survivor throughout this disruption as a brokerage, forwarder, supplier, or retailer means implementing a better, more proactive system that leverages collaboration and advanced technologies to finally unify supply chains. Learn more about how a universal, flexible, and resourceful supply chain single pane of glass can boost your company’s abilities during a disruption by visiting Turvo online today.

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