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FreightWaves Best In Show Turvo

Turvo Wins Best in Show Rapid-Fire Demo at FreightWaves’ Live @ Home!

“And who is number one?” Drum roll, cowbell…

“Whoa Daddy, it’s Turvo!”

“Turvo took it home today! Bang, bang, bang, Turvo” 

-Timothy Dooner, FreightWaves Host

FreightWaves recently hosted the FreightWaves’ Live @Home virtual conference with attendees, vendors, and guests from across the country and worldwide attending the virtual event. The event drew participation from shippers, logistics service providers, investors, and tech vendors. A significant 22 companies had the opportunity to show off their FreightTech innovations earlier this month as part of the FreightWaves Live@HOME virtual conference. Turvo was among those selected for its outstanding performance during a demo, driven in no small part by Turvo’s commitment to collaborative logistics

Turvo was among other industry leaders, including J.B. Hunt, Axele, Transfllo, Loadshop, and Platform Science, to receive the recognition of Best-in-Show Rapid-Fired Demo status. Kendall Scott, Director of Marketing for Turvo, and Jeff Dangelo, Co-Founder of Turvo, hosted the 7-minute demo for attendees. 

By popular vote of attendees, Turvo’s collaborative logistics software received “Best in Show” at Live@Home for its demo and leading customer experience platform.     

Of course, that doesn’t come as too much of a surprise given the SaaS-based supply chain platform’s history when it comes to winning awards. Turvo had previously been recognized as a “Best-in-Show” at FreightWaves Global Trade Tech in September. 

That conference alone had more than 900 participants, while FreightWaves Live@Home featured well over 1500. While the current recognition at the Live @Home virtual conference continues the same path laid out earlier this season, including the ability to differentiate a brand, creating a robust customer user interface, and experiencing unmatched productivity gains, this new demo drilled further into how Turvo adds value. 

What Set Turvo apart to Win Best In Show Rapid-Fire Demo

Take a moment to think about what sets Turvo apart from similar platforms and data management solutions. The differentiator is Turvo’s innovative idea that the supply chain is not a chain at all in terms of its day-to-day operations. The Turvo approach is seen more like an interconnected network where the information workflow is shared and distributed along with the full system to everyone in that supply chain network. The Turvo platform enables users to manage operations across and along with the web of connected platforms and parties rather than a single point by point chain. The ability to unify logistics data and information within a single source questions the accepted norms for supply chain analysis and management and overcomes the barriers inherent in siloed systems. That ability was on full display and concisely explained during the demo. Remember that Turvo’s goal is to help remove inefficiencies along the supply chain network by promoting collaboration between all involved parties and team members, including:

  • Solving the problems of missed communications or data within orders and overall inventory management and logistics.
  • Understanding the current dock schedule and enabling self-management and self-booking among carriers.
  • Creating a better customer experience by avoiding the problem of continually looking for a status update.
  • Giving users a way to view a cross-tenant experience and understand what is happening in the supply chain.

As Jeff Dangelo highlighted in the demo,
“Turvo is about visibility across the entire supply chain. And while organizations can use digital resources to manage communication and collaboration. For Turvo, we can bring that information together within the single user interface. And that allows carriers or drivers to self-manage their scheduling and enable true end-to-end visibility. As we carry over that value to any supply chain partner.”

Dangelo further explained how Turvo also supports an extended network and functionality via a web experience, allowing non-Turvo users and supply chain freight management partners to access the system without necessarily running Turvo in their organizations. As a result, companies can realize the benefits of Turvo without requiring every trading partner to implement the same software. 

Another core feature highlighted in the demo was the ability to offer a single carrier, share shipment details, set an expiration date, and add additional notes from within the platform. Since the platform is a cross-tenant solution, a simple refresh will allow a carrier to see, review, reject, or accept that offer. That information triggers simultaneous updates across all other users’ systems.

Experience Why Turvo Won Best in Show by Putting Its Contextual, Sharing, and Unity-Driving Platform to Use in Your Company

Improving traceability, visibility, and communication along all lines within the supply chain is key to improving overall success and smooth operation. This is possible with streamlined services and monitoring focused on the bottom line and supply chain competitive advantage. Turvo operates to help shipping and transport companies improve their customer retention, increase overall ROI, and achieve more excellent customer retention with its proven supply chain competitive platform. Visit Turvo online to learn more about how your company can be part of the collaborative logistics revolution now.

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