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Turvo & Freightwaves F3 Virtual Experience Event

Starting tomorrow! The F3 Virtual Experience will be hosted this week by FreightWaves. The event is November 9-11 and will cover logistics topics across all modalities: trucking, air, ocean, and rail. The event is free and open to anyone as a place to share experiences, ideas, and learn about the latest innovations propelling the future of logistics.

A highly anticipated event, the F3 Virtual Experience will encompass discussions from industry experts on the latest market trends, financial outlook of startups in the space, cutting-edge technology, and many more.

This virtual conference will enable attendees to gain insights into innovative solutions through live demonstrations, keynote addresses from industry thought leaders, CxOs and entrepreneurs. Virtual booths on cutting-edge technological applications will seek to encourage interaction with service providers and industry incumbents.

Turvo’s CEO Scott Lang and FreightWaves CEO Craig Fuller will discuss The Evolution of the Supply Chain on Wednesday at 2:20 pm EST. Both experts will share their impressions about the present and future challenges of supply chain management while providing you with solutions on how to take your business to the next level.

On top of expert-level discussions, you will have the opportunity to visit Turvo’s virtual booth and learn how you can eliminate supply chain disruptions with the world’s leading end-to-end collaborative logistics platform. Turvo will also participate in the F3 Virtual Experience rapid-fire demos with a 7-minute demo of its market-leading platform. Come watch and discover Turvo’s Collaboration Cloud, TMS, and Visibility Solutions in real-time. Head down to Turvo’s landing page for the F3 Virtual Experience to learn more.

FreightWaves calls the F3 Virtual Experience the biggest and baddest virtual event it has ever executed. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss—so make sure to register before spots fill up!

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