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Genpro Supply Chain Now Live Stream

Genpro Goes All In With Turvo’s Cloud TMS

Our New Jersey-based 3PL client Genpro has been in operation for over 33 years. Like any 3PL, Genpro has goals to maintain solid communications with clients and become a notable logistics provider that customers could rely on for all shipments and orders. Prior to their partnership with Turvo, there were numerous supply chain management solutions including TMS systems that Genpro experimented with, but nothing quite fit the vision for scaling into the future.

Then came the pandemic which fueled Genpro’s need to find a system that worked with the changing landscape of the logistics industry. Here is a recap of Genpro’s journey with Turvo which Robert Goldstein, CEO of Genpro, discusses with Luis Pajares, Chief Customer Officer, in this dynamic Supply Chain Now live stream which drew more than 500 supply chain participants including 3PLs, freight brokers, shippers, and transportation thought leaders.

Genpro’s TMS Requirements

Understanding the changes in the way supply chain companies operate, automation became a key factor to meet strategic goals. From a sales standpoint, Genpro wanted to incorporate a cloud-based collaborative solution to use as a competitive advantage to gain more business. Rob discusses some of the options they looked into, which ultimately did not work out for them.

“There were some good third-party companies out there from a TMS perspective, but what they were missing was that modern, easy interface on how to get our staff up to speed in an intuitive way, where you don’t have to think too much about how to attend to a transaction.”

Genpro began the search for a better solution that would connect its entire network in 2018. Discussions with Turvo began a couple of months into the pandemic in May 2020. Rob did extensive testing of the Turvo platform from the role of a regular user as well as an admin. His findings were fascinating.

Rob said, “Turvo is the only system that I have seen where I can move and navigate as quickly as I can and respond to customer service without relying on systems or spreadsheets outside of a system.”

The Implementation Process

Genpro started contracting with Turvo in June 2020. Luis recalls how Genpro’s clear vision about where they wanted to be helped Turvo understand the company better.

“One of the things that always set the Genpro team apart was how clear of a vision they had on how they wanted to marry their customer service with the way technology supported their customer experience.”

With Turvo’s responsiveness and openness to collaborate, Genpro was able to align their company more with 3PL and broker capabilities. Genpro’s 110 employees across two locations were up and running in just 60 days. This is extremely fast in the world of TMS deployment. 

Turvo TMS Benefits

As for benefits, Rob labels Turvo as the ‘efficiency driver of communication’ that resulted in improved workflows within each department of their team, including business development, account management, carrier execution, and the tracking and tracing department. Not only was Genpro able to plan and execute freight in a more efficient and collaborative manner but now the company is better equipped to take customer orders as well.

Where the Turvo + Genpro Partnership is Headed

Genpro will continue to utilize the unmatched collaborative features of Turvo to scale their business to meet future demands of the industry. Turvo is investing millions of dollars to further innovate the platform to get more logistics professionals on their phones to track all deliveries and shipments without any added stress and expenses. Not only does Turvo help Genpro  streamline communications and operations, but it also extends visibility and collaboration functionality to Genpro’s clients so they know exactly where their shipments are. 

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Anyone working in the logistics industry knows how hard it is to stay connected with their network without the help of modern technology. We are living in a time where automation must be utilized, but we simultaneously need to be aware of the silver lining between automation for greater efficiency vs. automation that confuses employees and customers. Turvo’s modern TMS creates supply chain efficiencies with unification, resulting in tangible benefits and greater ROI.

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