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Halloween Shipping Isn’t Scary

It’s about time for the spookiest night of the year! Not just for witches and ghosts but also for retailers, the end of October is a busy period. Shippers are preparing to send spooky costumes, props, and candies.

Retailers and shipping companies are getting ready to supply the frightening event simultaneously. Halloween shipping is quite crucial to the retail sector. In 2022, consumers are expected to spend up to $3.6 billion on costumes (about $11 per person in the US). With supply chain issues like port congestion improving, this year’s problem will be keeping merchandise in stock at the appropriate locations and times. Delivering items on schedule, intact, and to the right site is the main aim of the retailer’s role. Without it, nightmares will occur.

For businesses to unravel the puzzle of customer demand and guarantee maximum profits this year, they will need access to data that can precisely forecast holiday shipping trends like Halloween.

Six recommendations for avoiding Halloween shipping scares

We’ve heard some horror stories about poorly wrapped parcels throughout the years. Old shipping labels left on reused boxes, things sent in a black sack, and items that are far too large squeezed into a small package are a few situations that might lead to significant delivery issues. All these experiences affect the company’s brand image significantly. Follow these six actions to ensure your shipment is shipped safely:

1. Invest in quality packaging

Insufficient packaging is one of the most common causes of damages, delivery delays, and returns. Some customers also consider whether the packaging is sustainable. Sending goods in quality packaging also alleviates the company’s brand value. All these factors require serious time and effort investment while deciding on the packaging. Use new, sustainable, strong packaging that is the correct size for the item, ensure that nothing inside can move around during shipping, and meticulously adhere to our packaging rules.

2. Avoid shipping restricted items

Do not ship restricted materials, period. If you’re looking for a true horror story, restricted shipping items are the way to go: delays, costly returns, and even possible law suites for the business. Do not attempt to sneak liquids, nail polishes, batteries, or other prohibited materials. Paying return charges or handling damages claims can be pricey.

3. Organize international shipping

Be cautious with Customs. Proper Customs Documents must be filled out accurately and truthfully. Attach them outside the package in a transparent sleeve or envelope. Businesses must form an international logistics team to carry out the formalities properly. Any delays or insufficiencies here can cause many problems, including, but not limited to, unsatisfied customers, fines and penalties, delays, or even loss of business.

4. Ensure correct details

Provide a telephone number where your logistics team can be reached when needed. Always include a valid local phone number for the recipient as well. Thus, Customs can notify them about applicable customs duties, or the courier can inform them if there is a problem with a delivery. While modern delivery companies have a fairly robust IT system, it can fail due to a simple incorrect contact detail.

5. Declare correct measurements

Always correctly declare your measurements. While most packages might get shipped without an incident, failing to indicate your box’s exact weight and dimensions can lead to complications. Courier partners weigh and measure all packages; if the weight is understated, they may charge you additional fees.

6. A modern & connected TMS

Businesses can end their worries with a modern and connected TMS. Good modern TMS can be connected not just with the partners outside the company but also with the internal departments and customers, keeping situations simpler and easier to predict. Investing in a TMS will remove the scare out of Halloween this season and prepare your company for a successful holiday season.

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