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Port City Logistics Talks Success And How Turvo Fuels Expansion

Watch the February 16th Live Stream! Port City Logistics reveals how Turvo is fueling expansion through visibility, collaboration, and customer, carrier and vendor experience. Turvo’s cloud-native, SaaS technology, and multi-tenant architecture go beyond traditional TMS solutions, control towers, customer portals, real-time visibility software, and marketplaces. Turvo’s Collaboration Cloud drives real-time interactions by uniting people, systems, and workflows for stakeholders up and down the supply chain.

Supply Chain Now hosts Scott Luton and Greg White are joined by Michael Caney, Chief Growth Officer with Port City Logistics, and Luis Pajares, Chief Customer Officer with Turvo, as they share how Port City Logistics leverages Turvo.r

Discover Turvo benefits including:

  • Inventory visibility at the warehouse to track and share costs with shipper clients.
  • Increased transactions and workflow optimization per employee.
  • Reduced training hours through intuitive, easy-to-use features.
  • Execution across all supply chain levels and legs, from arrival at the shipyard to last-mile delivery — in one TMS system.
  • Faster, better decisions, and more!

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