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Managing Transportation With an Eye on Providing the Best Customer Experience

One of the critical aspects of the shipping industry that has become non-negotiable in customers’ eyes across all sectors is managing transportation in a client-focused manner. As new delivery models, like the final mile, and as e-commerce shipping processes mature and grow in use customers have taken notice. For several years in the logistics industry, this has been known as the “Amazon Effect.” The impact of the “Amazon Effect” is that customers now expect reliable, real-time, accurate, and free tracking for all online purchases that they make. So, the question logistics executives, managers, and shipping coordinators must ask is, “how can they maintain the highest in quality customer experience, while managing costs and limiting delays and interruptions to shipping processes?” The answer is simple: making the supply chain customer-centric with a specially designed transportation platform that focuses on collaboration and efficient processes.

The Costs of Poor Customer Experiences in Managing Transportation

As the world continues to change and adapt to customers’ changing needs, companies that respond quickly by managing transportation processes that meet customers’ desires, stand the best chance of adapting and thriving. Transportation management service providers will need to ensure that their shipping plans, logistic protocols, and customer communications are more integrated than they ever have been before.

As reported by Supply Chain Brain, “new customer expectations demand that you offer end-to-end, real-time visibility. This includes real-time actionable insights, status updates, ETA calculations, analytics, and reports, all viewed through a “single pane of glass.” It’s about analyzing data, identifying gaps, and implementing processes to leverage that data to improve operations with the customer in mind continually.” For leaders, managing transportation effectively must provide customers 24/7 real-time shipment status, including alerts for any delays, and when the customer can expect their delivery. The best way to keep customer satisfaction high is to provide accuracy for every order that is processed and shipped. 

A Single Pane of Glass Strategy to Managing Freight Creates Better Customer Experiences

The definitive goal for platforms that aid in managing transportation is to help shippers, carriers, and LSPs identify ways to streamline the process into a clear and concise series of steps and protocols for freight management. This restructuring focuses on a single pane of glass solution, that unifies disparate systems, people, and processes into one view. When those entities are brought together in that one system, the people involved in transportation management have the power to share data and information proactively and collaboratively, the bedrock of building a wellspring of transparency to all parties, yielding a positive experience for all involved. 

How to Increase Customer Service With Unified Systems

The ever-changing landscape of shipping and logistics is vastly different than it was just a decade ago, and it will look completely different when another ten years have passed. Businesses have had to adapt and change their business models to thrive in this new world, and this is a process that must be carried out to manage transportation while meeting stated goals. It all comes down to implementing and maintaining a healthy supply chain visibility plan for the business that connects people and the business systems in a meaningful way. 

  • Work in real-time data to deliver real-time updates to customers.
  • Let automation manage tracking notifications and updates.
  • Free up time for drivers to focus on the tasks at hand when and where needed.
  • Bring multiple business channels together to maximize efficiency.
  • Promote a relentless push to meet customer needs every step.
  • Maintain focus on managing transportation for a streamlined process.

Create Better Customer Experiences With Cohesive Supply Chain Management Processes

The most successful supply chains focus on customers. That much is clear. However, finding a way to ensure all supply chain management parties have the same mindset can be troublesome. Fortunately, companies that take the time to unify their supply chains with a single pane of glass and apply the tips mentioned above will be better positioned to succeed. Besides, a single pane of glass naturally lends itself to automated processes and hastens the full shipping cycle from ordering through freight settlement. It’s truly a time for innovation and automation in managing supply chain transportation. And the sooner companies realize their future rests on technology, the better. Visit Turvo online to get started.

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