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Parade Webinar’s Webinar with Turvo and Gillson Solutions

In this fireside-chat-style webinar, you will learn about Gillson Solutions’s checklist to find the perfect tech stack for their business. They leaned on their team’s vast experience with different freight tech on the market to put together a checklist to help them find the right solutions.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Gillson Solutions began their search.
  • Gillson’s priorities for their new technology.
  • How they made their decisions and the factors that led Gillson to their current tech stack.
  • Why they chose Parade and Turvo.
  • How the Customer Experience team at Parade helped them through roll-out and facilitated adjustments to ensure the system worked for them.
  • How connectivity between Parade and Turvo is helping Gillson serve their customers better while streamlining their reps’ day-to-day work.

Join Elise Le, Parade’s VP of Customer Experience, Gillson Solutions’ CRO Steven Atherton, and Henry Teague, Turvo Sales Engineer at Turvo in a webinar on August 11 at 1pm EST to discuss the checklist Gillson used while shopping for new technology and how other brokerages can use a similar process to find the right tech stack for them.

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