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Partner Spotlight: Parade

Kelly Gindlesperger headshot


Kelly Gindlesperger

Partner Manager



Located in Orlando, FL, I am a mom of two girls,

a wife, a professional, and a kindness enthusiast.

Q.Tell us about your company.


A. Parade makes brokers more productive by automatically finding the right carrier for uncovered loads in your TMS. Notifications are pushed to carriers so they can bid or book the freight digitally. Data is kept for predictive analytics to help cover freight in the future.

Q. Who are your customers?


A. North American freight brokerages and 3PLs looking to better manage and automate carrier relationships.

Q. Why did your company ultimately select Turvo as a partner?

A. Parade loves to partner with leading, cloud-based TMS companies to build automated carrier workflows that integrate with TMS seamlessly. Turvo’s modern interface and one-click views to manage various supply chain processes such as shipment and order tracking convinced us that partnering would lead to more satisfied customers.

Q. What is the main benefit of Turvo customers using your solution?

A. We have a fully integrated API from a matching, booking, and tendering workflow perspective. The onboarding process is very minimal for Turvo customers.




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Parade Screen 1

Q. What challenges and opportunities do you think 2023 will bring to the supply chain?


A. With the proliferation of capacity management, brokers and 3PLs have begun to automate load matching, pricing, and booking. We see this only increasing in 2023 with more opportunities to earn more margin on every load through improved automation.

Q. What are your predictions about the supply chain over the next 5-10 years?


A. As more brokers buy capacity management technology and automate their booking and pricing workflows, they will be able to win more freight with shippers thanks to better capacity. Full API connectivity will become more mainstream to better serve customers.

Q. How can 3PLs and freight brokers learn more about Parade?


A. For a custom demo, specifically for your type of brokerage, please contact partners@parade.ai, or you can click the button below.

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