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Freight Shippers’ Expectations for Supply Chain Ecosystem: Why Clarity Always Wins

It’s easy to forget that the supply chain is an actual series of events. This ever-evolving line of transactions and processes creates a supply chain ecosystem that is heavily reliant on one another. However, when problems arise, disruptions cascade down to the next parts of the supply chain. For that reason, stakeholders need to realize a few things about how visibility can help the supply chain ecosystem, how its impacts transcend typical operations, and how clarity is always going to be the go-to strategy for success. 

Where Do Companies Go Wrong With Supply Chain Management

Creating a unified supply chain is easier said than done because tracking and shipment needs can differ significantly from organization to organization and even more so when moving from one industry to another. Therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Freight managers should create a sound visibility action plan around demand, resources, efficiency, and competitive advantage. Unfortunately, information overload through using dozens of systems and software that offer limited solutions has created friction that sucks away efficiency without regard for supply chain needs.

Supply Chain Visibility and Its Impact

The freight and shipping supply chain ecosystem relies heavily on the clarity of information, or conciseness of data, and visibility within its history. According to an article on TechTarget:

“In addition to providing an accurate, real-time picture of demand signals and supplier inventory levels, manufacturers are using visibility to help meet compliance directives related to trade practices, environmental mandates and upcoming serialization and track-and-trace laws.” 

A company would begin a push towards improving supply chain visibility often because their focus has shifted to working smarter and not harder to ease pain points and roadblocks in supply chain management. Visibility helps highlight problem areas so they can be identified and addressed sooner rather than later.

Signs That Clarity in Visibility Contributes to More Supply Chain Efficiency

There are many ways to highlight how the supply chain ecosystem uses visibility to deliver on shippers’ expectations. Some of these can include the following:

  • Thanks to improved tracking and better communication about arrival times or delays, on-time pickup means trucks can be unloaded more efficiently.
  • Less congestion at the dock and in the yard translates into less downtime and more carrier productivity
  • Better invoicing and record-keeping are possible thanks to digitalized shipment planning, execution, and improved communication/collaboration 
  • Faster payment for services thanks to the ease of reporting and updating timelines and the ability to prepare for deliveries ahead of time with greater certainty and reliable precision
  • Fuller truckloads mean increased productivity, reduced fuel and transportation costs, and faster delivery times
  • Rapid return on investments due to better asset and inventory management, streamlined shipping operation, and effective use of actionable data and information

Create a prosperous Supply Chain Ecosystem with collaborative logistics.
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