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The 6 Pillars Proving the Power of a Supply Chain Orchestration Platform

The advancement in supply chain technology is entering a new stage in the form of supply chain orchestration platforms. These platforms are built on the idea of unifying operations and streamlining management while improving customer experience. More simply, it refers to the coordination of all critical activities across the supply chain through real-time visibility. The supply chain uses these types of platforms to stay competitive in delivering value while removing inefficiencies. As further explained by Inbound Logistics:

“A complete, holistic picture of your supply chain, coupled with the ability to act, allows you to optimize every individual customer order. You must be able to dig in granularly and weigh costs against customer satisfaction to find the perfect sweet spot that enables the maximum volume of on-time, in-full orders.”

Supply chain platforms are transforming the traditional nature of value chain players to integrate data and workflows. The changing nature of the supply chain in today’s landscape has led to shorter lead times, increased shipping options, and expanded product portfolios. Not to mention a better ability, thanks to supply chain platforms flexibility and power, to meet rapid changes in the market directly. Thus, supply chain leaders need to know the six pillars critical to proving the power of such a platform. 

1. Increased Transparency to Reduce Uncertainty

Transparency in supply chain orchestration reduces risk by ensuring businesses know what is happening upstream in the supply chain. The transparency increases stakeholder satisfaction while minimizing any concerns. Inventory cost accuracy and flexibility requires complete transparency through real-time feedback that aids in decision-making. The supply chain orchestration platform offers visibility to businesses and provides a proactive approach to users who are looking to hedge disruptions.

2. Less Lost Time Through Faster Status Inquiries

The supply chain orchestration platform helps in status inquiry and tracking of the orders throughout the supply chain. It helps reduce the time taken to inquire about a shipment’s status by providing a quick link to track the order. A complete picture of the supply chain allows businesses to optimize order flow and reduce overall costs.

3. Improved Data Sharing With Supply Chain Partners

The supply chain orchestration platform enhances communication and data sharing with business partners and suppliers. The platform focuses on end-to-end supply visibility, which reduces data duplication and promotes essential data sharing. It provides direct and increased visibility of goods while on the move.

4. Fewer Costs Delivering From Centralized Storage

A collaborative logistics platform keeps communication and administration in one central place. It results in better management of the supply chain from a single location and a reduction in costs. The core of the platform is the order management that provides the flexibility to automate complex order flows. The platform intelligently plans out customer orders and ensures systems work in concert to deliver orders.

5. Increased Value and Turnkey Capabilities

A unified supply chain platform helps maximize the return on resources while optimizing order throughput and recovery speed. The right supply chain platform empowers businesses in the digital supply chain ecosystem to improve work quality and output. It involves integrating key processes into a seamless flow of information, allowing process monitoring and increased value for businesses.

6. Collaboration That Reduces Total Freight Spend

A supply chain orchestration platform leverages collaboration, make the trade seamless, and reduce inefficiencies. Therefore, to reduce total freight spend, the future of the supply chain lies in investing in the right business relationships, and more importantly, in the right technology. 

Boost Value With a World-Class Supply Chain Orchestration Platform

The modern supply chain is a flurry of complex processes and strenuous demands. As customer demands grow and as markets experience disruption, supply chain professionals will need better processes and ways to manage everyday activities. 

Achieving operational excellence depends on being able to:

  • respond instantaneously when problems arise, 
  • recognize what is and what is not working within the supply chain with nothing more than a glance
  • make the most out of precious technological and human resources 

Fortunately, a supply chain orchestration platform, such as Turvo, unifies the existing tech stack and maximizes its value. Visit Turvo online to learn more about how your organization can benefit from a supply chain orchestration platform

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