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How to Create a Better Shipping Experience: Trends in Logistics Technology to Optimize Supply Chains

Before the COVID pandemic ran through the supply chain, in-network resiliency had never been tested or tried extensively. There have been disruptions in the past, but nothing has ever shaken the chain the way this pandemic has. Today, the definition of supply chain resiliency has been changed in ways that have caused ripple effects. The innovation of logistics technology makes it easier to embrace diversification, visibility, and automation. Getting a better shipping experience is easy with an optimized supply chain and a robust freight brokerage setup. Creating the perfect supply chain can be a challenge, but freight managers can do some simple yet practical things.

Increase Use of Collaborative Logistics Technology and Platforms

Real-time data is critical to the supply chain’s smooth operations day in and day out. With open access to information and faster, more accurate communications, deviations and problems can be addressed. Whether they are small disruptions or global pandemics, weathering the changes is easier with logistics technology and software fully implemented. Also, supply chain leaders should start working to bring their other partners, such as suppliers, vendors, and third-party logistics service providers (3PLs), into the foray of collaborative logistics through integrated systems and access to shared, contextual data.

Decrease Inefficiencies With Analytics-Driven Process Improvements

Logistics technology and third-party partnerships allow freight managers to improve processes throughout the supply chain. According to a Forbes report, “There are also aging technologies – these technologies have benefits, but newer technologies offer a better ROI, faster time to value, or other benefits. Examples would be some traditional forms of material handling equipment. There can still be a place for these solutions, but newer solutions like robotics are more adaptable, offering a shorter payback period and lower risk profile. These newer robotic solutions are a better fit in a growing number of fulfillment scenarios.” While it can be challenging and overwhelming to embrace logistics technology, it is essential. 

Give Drivers Self-Management Options With Updated Logistics Technology

Supplier diversity took on an entirely new meaning in 2020. It highlighted the need for innovation and modernization within the industry. Of all the members who can benefit from logistics technology and digital inventory systems, drivers stand to gain the most from automation and advances that include: 

  • Faster communication with automated messaging and data sharing.
  • Data collection and analysis can be accurately applied to the network.
  • Document recording, sharing, and filing options streamline data processing.
  • Real-time tracking and order updating tools.
  • On-board GPS and automated updating system options.

The right self-management options and innovative tools help drivers be more efficient. Think about it. With a dedicated solution like the Turvo Driver App, drivers can upload proof of delivery, receive bills of lading, submit payment requests, and more. It combines digital document management benefits with the demand for a real-time track recorder. In turn, that amounts to efficiency gains across all activities that can be used to justify additional improvements within the tech stack. It’s truly an exciting time for the industry. 

Share Updates in Real-Time and With Context to Streamline Communication and Collaboration

Today, modern technology delivers numberless opportunities to collaborate, share, and communicate. Multi-channel programs will change processes and expectations. Real-time data makes processes easier throughout network chains and allows for streamlined communication and improved collaboration. Being able to tap into real-time data and updates makes response time faster and decisions for on-target. Having data is great, but it needs to be correctly applied and truly useful. It’s the same adage again; big data analytics will optimize supply chains through continuous identification and remediation of problems. In turn, logistics technology and automation make it easier to reach shipper- or carrier-of-choice status. 

Choose the Right Platform Vendor to Optimize Your Supply Chain

Deviations and disruptions have always been part of the supply chain network. But the COVID pandemic has turned the industry upside down like nothing before. In 2021 and the years ahead, recovery will depend on the supply chain’s ability to adapt and respond. Without aligning your enterprise to these trends, building successful customer experiences will be downright difficult, if not impossible. However, it is possible to gain the upper hand with a straightforward step. And that starts with implementing a platform based on a single pane of glass—enabling collaboration in logistics. Connect with Turvo today to get started.


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