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Delivering Hope: Taimen Transport Ships Life-Saving Vaccines

New daily cases of COVID-19 were increasing at an alarming rate. Vaccines were authorized for emergency use. The vaccination program had only just begun. All eyes were on the success, or failure, of the cold chain. The doses had to make it. The program had to work. Failure was not an option.

When failure wasn’t an option, the shipper called Taimen.

When opportunity called, Taimen answered.

When Taimen delivered, they used Turvo.


Taimen Builds A Trusted Business

Taimen Transport LLC is a rapidly growing logistics company located in Chattanooga, TN specializing in over-the-road transportation. Taimen Transport had previously implemented Turvo, replacing a number of legacy systems and processes.

As Taimen grew, Turvo became a mission-critical part of their business, increasing productivity by over 400% and helping them communicate more effectively with their customers, including full transparency into shipments through live tracking and advanced analytics.

For Taimen, success became a habit. Every quick response, every on-time in-full shipment, every fast onboarding of a new carrier (less than 20 minutes), and every quick payment increased their reputation and built trust across the supply chain.

Internally, confidence increased across the sales floor and Taimen was able to close more strategic hires, who brought their own valuable network of contacts. It was a virtuous cycle of compounding improvements and growth.

Taimen has an extensive background in time-critical delivery and expedited shipments going back to 2012. Much of their work included high-dollar mission-critical shipments for the energy industry, such as flatbed deliveries of oil rig equipment.

As they grew their expedited business in 2019 and 2020, they expanded their relationships in airfreight continued to see strong growth despite the disruptions from the pandemic.


The Vaccine Program Begins

In late 2020, as COVID-19 cases skyrocketed and hospitals were filling up, much-touted and long-awaited vaccines finally received emergency use authorization from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). So began the nationwide race to manufacture and successfully ship hundreds of millions of doses.

At Taimen, the phone rang. Vaccines were coming in by air and they needed a carrier – a trusted provider.

Taimen can pick up a shipment anywhere in America in 90 minutes or less. Their reputation as a “can-do, get it done” logistics provider enabled by industry-leading technology – Turvo – brought opportunity inbound.

In record time, Taimen tapped their extensive network of carriers to arrange the shipment, secure a carrier with a temperature-controlled truck, and provided vital visibility from start to finish. Specifically, Turvo’s tracking links allowed everyone involved to see the shipment location in real-time. “The shipping tracking link for the vaccine was probably the most viewed ever,” said Ryan Pamplin, Director of Innovation & Technology at Taimen Transport.

The vaccines made it without issue. Everything went smooth, there were no surprises, and Taimen built even more trust with their network, setting the stage for even more growth.


How Turvo Helped Taimen

“Trust is really the most important factor. Turvo is trust manifest.”
– Chris Wang, CEO of Taimen Transport

Trust is the key to their success. To build that trust, Taimen leveraged Turvo’s cloud-based collaborative logistics platform to unite their systems & data, collaborate more effectively, and future-proof their business.

Specific Turvo capabilities Taimen used include:

  • Actionable Visibility – Bringing all of their information and communications into one platform empowered the Taimen team to have complete, actionable visibility from start to finish.
  • Live Tracking – With the Turvo Driver App, individual trucks can be tracked in real-time and securely visible in Turvo.
  • Tracking Links – Tracking information can be easily shared with anyone, whether they are active on the Turvo Network or not, through public tracking links which can be easily emailed.
  • Fast Carrier Onboarding – With integration to RMIS, Taimen can onboard a new carrier and have them ready to move a shipment in about 20 minutes start to finish.
  • Carrier Management – Once onboarded, managing carriers in Turvo has allowed Taimen to track performance and develop great carrier partners. Certifications, insurance limits, historical performance, and more give Taimen a 360-degree view.
  • Analytics – Turvo Analytics especially helps Taimen to understand and optimize their business. By reviewing the lane density map, profitability reports, and carrier performance scorecards, Taimen can continuously improve their operations. Furthermore, Turvo Analytics empowers them to share that information with their customers – especially large customers with exacting standards – creating a level of transparency and trust that continues to drive new opportunities for them.


A Foundation For Strong Growth

Taimen’s expedited shipment business is growing strongly with organic referrals and inbound leads. With their reputation preceding them, more expedited air carriers are calling them, as well as shippers from a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals. Again and again, Taimen demonstrates how small improvements in productivity, visibility, collaboration, and execution compound like bank interest into big gains over time.

Their success goes beyond their business, however. In this case, the vaccines made it. Lives were saved. Shipment by shipment, dose by dose, the light at the end of the tunnel gets a little brighter.

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