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Turvo Rapid-Fire Demo Wins Best In Show at FreightWaves Global Trade Tech

The American Shipper Global Trade Tech Conference hosted by FreightWaves wrapped up last week with over 900 participants joining forces online to discuss the future of supply chains and the ‘next normal’ – opposed to the ‘new normal’ because with COVID, we’re way past that – as explained by event co-hosts Michael Vincent and Timothy Dooner. 

The event drew participation from shippers, logistics service providers, investors and tech vendors who showcased some of the supply chain’s newest, most disruptive technology to date during seven-minute rapid-fire demos. The lineup included Blume Global, FrontApp, FleetComplete, HubTran, Ocean Insights, Tranflo, Turvo & SONAR 7.2.  By popular vote of attendees, Turvo’s collaborative logistics software took home Best in Show for it’s demo and leading customer experience platform. Click here to access the press release. 

Turvo’s Director of Marketing Kendall Scott kicked off the demo describing Turvo as the hottest new product to hit collaborative logistics. Turvo Co-Founder Jeff Dangelo then took the lead to give viewers a quick glimpse of the ease and simplicity of Turvo. Jeff demonstrated how the platform helps some of the world’s largest shippers and logistics service providers create unique and differentiated digital experiences for their customers. 

Jeff highlighted three key benefits that Turvo provides to its customers including: 

1) Brand differentiation, 

2) A better UI and customer experience, and 

3) Unprecedented productivity gains. 

Jeff also showed attendees how Turvo goes beyond transactions to connect every stakeholder to collaborate in a shared and interconnected network to solve other problems associated with the shipment’s journey through the value chain. Such collaborations help improve efficiencies, as parties gain better insights and visibility into their operations – both upstream and downstream – due to Turvo’s network effect.

“Turvo was founded on the premise of giving common toolsets for organizations to work together, as it was the lack of differentiation that was causing problems within supply chains. There is so much manual and redundant work done within the supply chain, and all the while, data continues to remain in silos. At Turvo, we have created a digitized network to share workflows and the single source of truth from a data perspective,” said Jeff. 

Since its launch in 2014, Turvo has steadily grown its customer base to include some of the world’s largest Fortune 500 companies in the supply chain by helping organizations digitally differentiate their offering and brand. Through this win, Turvo has solidified it’s position as a leading technology disruptor and customer experience platform for global supply chains. 

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