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Turvo’s Killer App: The Game-Changing Solution

Change is inevitable in today’s fast-paced environment, and new challenges require disruptive innovation. Every industry has seen fresh ideas and advancements that have changed the way businesses are run. From early developments like the wheel and electricity, to the more recent advent of cryptocurrency, each breakthrough has been borne out of necessity. 

Within the supply chain industry, innovation has coursed through in different forms. The speed and efficiency of cargo movement through all different modalities have improved progressively over time. When parcels came packed in non-standard sizes, the concept of containers was developed. When people wanted delivery to happen at their doorstep, companies improvised with on-demand shipping and last-mile delivery schedules. When diesel became a large cost factor, alternative fuels were experimented with. 

In the next few years, we are bound to notice more innovations like crowd-sourced shipping and the use of drones and autonomous vehicles. All these nascent ideas will counter the difficulty that we have seen in the available supply for traditional shipping methods. For innovation to thrive and succeed, there needs to be a requirement for it, along with ease of use and economical pricing. 

This concept, when translated into software applications, results in what is colloquially called a “Killer App”. A Killer Application, in marketing terminology, is a feature, function, or application of new technology or product which becomes a game-changer in that segment. It is virtually indispensable. It is much superior to rival products. It puts other similar products out of competition due to their redundancy. 

The Turvo Advantage 

Turvo wanted to resonate with the ordinary businesses that used their services the most. They took inspiration from stories close to them and began studying the most critical demands within the supply chain eco-space. 

Pitching itself against its competitors and looking into the future, Turvo researched and worked on its own Killer App. Turvo aimed to transform this industry by creating a strong foundation that businesses could rely upon through their application. 

So, what is the Turvo competitive edge that holds them apart? What current problem does Turvo hope to eliminate with their new path-breaking solution? 

Current troubles within the logistics network  

Currently, the global supply chain system is a siloed network with numerous isolated modes. Several fragmented processes are attempting to merge into one transport operation. The number of players in this market is large, making the ecosystem more complex. It most certainly is not built with the customer’s point of view in mind. 

The questions arising from this situation are myriad. What is the main reason for such lags in the supply chain industry? Why is there a hold-up in the entire process? How can we better the customer experience? 

Visibility is the most frequently encountered issue impacting customer experience in the supply chain. Similarly, the survey held by Turvo also showed that the focus group wanted Supply Chain Collaboration to be the most important area of investment. 

Research shows that 70% of supply chain participants work outside of the four walls of the organization. To add to this complication, large corporations often change how businesses happen. For example, the Amazon Effect has forever impacted the buying and selling criteria. Amazon’s large-scale operations have influenced the growth of e-commerce, the flexibility in pricing, and the urgent delivery requirements from customers. 

The resultant impact that this has on the supply chain industry is permanent. Same-day delivery, real-time updates, customer support, and last-mile delivery are the new norms when purchasing online. There must be a cloud-based integrated data sharing module to be able to anticipate the customer’s requirements and deliver proactively.  

Turvo’s Killer App: Synergy through Collaboration 

This is where Turvo’s cloud-based service offering comes into the picture. It enhances the customer experience through a connected, collective network. The application collects and securely stores data from various ERPs as well as device data signals. Through its digital process, it engages with all stakeholders in the system – from the shippers to carriers to the intermediary operators and warehouse staff. Finally, the end customer receives a frictionless experience through the Turvo Collaboration Cloud’s network-centric architecture. 

From physically maintaining large amounts of data in files and trays, this platform stores the information in a user-friendly application. Retrieving data becomes straightforward, and transmitting data becomes a smooth process. Notifications can be pushed out effortlessly, and there is no requirement for guesswork as data remains accurate. 

For customers, it is critical to include a collaborative model into their enterprise immediately. It is the next big revolution, as disintermediation is inevitable. Complacency skills are in demand, and the Turvo solution helps keep the end goal in mind when creating a strong foundation for businesses. 

This app provides cross-organizational tasks, messenger and driver notifications, documentation capturing, storage, and sharing, along with real-time collaboration. This seamless workflow delivers an interactive dashboard with an enhanced user experience. It aids exception management, analytics, and reporting and offers complete visibility.  

From inventory management to financial settlement, including the entire shipment schedule and delivery, this app proactively monitors and meets expectations. It is that app that reduces the other platforms to redundancy. Turvo is the game-changing closed-loop supply chain network that is a one-stop shop for all logistics requirements.

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