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Vine Line Supply Chain Now stream

Fast-Growing Freight Broker Vine Line Logistics Draws 400 Logistics Service Providers, Shippers, and Industry Watchers for Live Stream With Turvo

An old-school TMS with a tricky interface and inflexibility regarding new features and integrations hampered Vine Line Logistics’ ability to scale its carrier network and future growth. What they needed was a more intuitive solution to connect customers and carriers and ensure a smooth delivery process. 

Today’s day and age calls for greater autonomy, especially in logistics. With rising transportation costs, endless emails piling up which need to be responded to, and the need to train employees and customers on new technologies, time and money become a major issue. Vine Line Logistics knew they could no longer operate on a clunky system that simply did not meet their needs, and that’s where Turvo comes into the picture.

Steve Lyons, President of Vine Line Logistics and Shawn Barker, Senior Account Director with Turvo were recently invited to speak on Supply Chain Now about the positive impact their partnership has on Vine Line Logistics’ operation.

Addressing the Problem

Prior to the partnership with Turvo, a typical day at Vine Line Logistics involved employees and customers struggling to understand the ins and outs of the TMS system being used. In-house servers became too costly. Training was cumbersome. Drivers had trouble communicating with carrier sales reps. There was little to no visibility with shipment orders. Processes and communication took place through email and other third-party tools. With operations dispersed across numerous platforms, the need to modernize its technology and TMS came into focus.

Reducing the Noise With Turvo

Steve Lyons describes the partnership with Turvo to be a very smooth process that has set the business up for success.. “They (Turvo) walked us through and held our hand throughout the entire process. There was a member of the Turvo team onsite with us for the first week, and a lot of questions came up from our team on day one. On the second day, the questions were very minimal, because they were able to easily understand it.” 

Steve goes on to explain how Turvo Academy, an eLearning platform for Turvo customers, further simplifies the training process for staff, customers, and carriers. Turvo’s ease of use and intuitive UI results in significantly fewer emails since the platform is simple to digest. Any additional communication takes place within Turvo. This also makes it easy to refer back to conversations, since everything is automatically recorded for reference in a secure, cloud-based system. 

On the topic of easy training, Shawn Barker talks about how Turvo’s Help Center allows companies to further reduce the noise. “Within Turvo itself, we have Turvo Help Center, and our team has done a fantastic job documenting various workflows within the application itself. As a user of Turvo, you do not have to bother anyone or create a support ticket. You can go into the Help Center, use the search feature, and pull up anything you need to.”

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Anyone working in the logistics industry knows how hard it is to stay connected with their network without the help of modern technology. We are living in a time where automation must be utilized, but we simultaneously need to be aware of the silver lining between automation for greater efficiency vs. automation that confuses employees and customers. Turvo’s modern TMS creates supply chain efficiencies with unification, resulting in tangible benefits and greater ROI.

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