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Solution Brief: Youredi and Turvo

Bringing Unparalleled Connectivity, Collaboration, & Visibility to The Supply Chain

Turvo aims to bring the power of collaboration to its customers and change the way that shippers and carriers do business for the better. The partnership between Youredi and Turvo does just that. By bringing Youredi as a technical integrator, it allows customers to:

  • Foster superior EDI communication gap and any other API integration.
  • Increase potential customer base.
  • Improved collaboration through system communication.
  • Remove possibility of human error due to manual data entry.
  • Turvo + Youredi

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Many businesses are heavily reliant on EDI transfers and EDI systems can vary considerably from one company to the next, leaving considerable gaps in both visibility and the quality of the data being transferred. Shippers and carriers needed a solution that could improve their interaction and make EDI more viable, which created the perfect scenario for a partnership between Youredi and Turvo. Download the Solution Brief today. 

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