What We Believe

We believe in the magic of software to change the world and unlock human potential. We believe in disruptive innovation and the Internet of everything that will transform global industries and our economy forever.  We’re building a future where technology gives people superpowers to solve some of the hardest problems in the world. We believe logistics is broken. So we are reimagining it. 


Disrupting A Multi-Trillion Dollar Industry

Everything you see, touch, and eat has been moved. Logistics impacts every aspect of our daily lives. The global logistics market is set to expand from $8 trillion in 2015 to $15 trillion by 2023. [1] Yet companies that need to move things from A to B still use archaic technology and operate as siloed islands. This results in billions of dollars of inefficiency and missed opportunities. The world needs a disruptive change. We are bringing new technology to connect and transform an industry that has been lacking in innovation for decades.


Who We Are

We are a team of entrepreneurs and engineers who are all builders. We come from some of the most iconic technology companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Salesforce. We bring expertise from both the consumer and enterprise worlds to create new and innovative ways to solve problems. We are a mission-driven team with a passion to fix things. 



We are proud to have iconic firms and people to call friends


Tony Fadell
iPod, iPhone, Nest


Kevin Nazemi
Co-Founder Renew
Co-Founder Oscar Insurance


Aaron Levie
Co-Founder & CEO of Box
Angel Investor


Gokul Rajaram 
Engineering Executive at Square
Angel Investor


Ravi Venkatesan 
Chairman of Bank of Baroda
Former Chairman Microsoft India


Eva Ho
Founding GP at Fika Ventures
Serial Entrepreneur