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Port X Logistics Scales Business with Turvo Inc.

When Two Bold Brands Team Up – Great Things Happen.

Port X Logistics and Turvo teamed up to find a better, smarter way to do logistics. 

Port X Logistics, a drayage company, utilizes tech, culture, and expertise to provide best-in-class drayage and logistics services. They worked with Turvo to develop their multimodal capabilities, ensuring that their customers could access all the information they need in one place and in real-time.

In this 2 min video, you will hear from PortX’s CEO, CIO, logistics Manager and Driver on how they not only leverage Turvo to make their daily operations more efficient but how the technology is allowing them to scale. Watch the full video to find out what Port X’s CEO says “Without Turvo we could not have built an organization that went from zero to 120 million dollars in four years.” 

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