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MileMaker and Turvo Announce New Partnership, Enabling Enhanced Transportation Management Solutions

MileMaker’s newest Web Services API product is now integrated with Turvo’s TMS platform to provide end-users with accurate, up-to-date mileage and rating capabilities.

CHICAGO, January 25, 2024 – MileMaker, a leading provider of commercial transportation mileage, rating, and routing software, is thrilled to unveil its latest integration. MileMaker’s Web Services API is now seamlessly integrated with Turvo’s cloud-based platform—a premier player in transportation management software. This collaboration grants Turvo’s customers access to MileMaker’s renowned truck-specific mileage calculations, further enhancing overall transportation operations.  

MileMaker, powered by Rand McNally, a company boasting more than 160 years of mapping expertise and more than 80 years of commercial routing and mileage experience, has redefined how shippers, carriers, 3PLs, and freight brokers optimize their shipping and delivery routes and mileage calculations. The software facilitates efficient door-to-door routing, tailoring each route to a user’s specific requirements, including vehicle specifications and customizable Points of Interest (POIs), midpoints, and avoidances. Additionally, MileMaker’s mileage data enables users to negotiate and streamline freight rates, payments, and audits, while also improving freight cost and fuel surcharge forecasts. MileMaker’s Web Services product features data from Guide 19—including HHG mileage—and enhanced routing and map data from the new, improved Guide 20.

Turvo is a leading provider of cloud-based transportation management software, dedicated to helping companies simplify and streamline their logistics operations. Their platform offers real-time visibility, collaboration tools, and other innovative features that result in an end-to-end communication and analytics platform for freight brokers, 3PLs, shippers, and carriers.  

By combining MileMaker’s strengths with Turvo’s cutting-edge transportation management software, this partnership promises to deliver a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline logistics processes, reduce costs, and increase overall efficiency.  

Key benefits of this partnership include:

Seamless Integration: Turvo’s platform now seamlessly integrates with MileMaker’s mileage and routing software, providing easy access to MileMaker’s mileage data and routing information within their existing platform.  

Enhanced Decision-Making: With MileMaker’s data at their fingertips, Turvo’s customers can now make more informed decisions regarding route optimization, freight cost calculation, and overall transportation planning, leading to increased operational efficiency.  

Cost Reduction: By leveraging MileMaker’s capabilities within Turvo’s platform, businesses can reduce costs associated with manual data entry, improve routing accuracy, and optimize fuel consumption.  

Increased Accuracy: MileMaker’s mileage and routing data is consistently updated, ensuring that Turvo’s customers have access to the latest and most precise information for their transportation needs. This enables companies to provide more accurate delivery times and elevate overall customer satisfaction.  

“We are excited to collaborate with Turvo to bring MileMaker’s commercial truck mileage, rating, and routing solutions to a broader audience,” said Isaac Salvadori-Black, Director of Partnerships at MileMaker. “This partnership will enable transportation companies to leverage our data, from both Guide 19 and Guide 20, within the Turvo platform, making it easier than ever to access accurate mileage, helping to improve overall logistics operations.”  

Brett Williams, Senior Vice President of Sales at Turvo added, “This partnership seamlessly integrates MileMaker’s renowned truck-specific mileage calculations into Turvo’s platform, empowering our users with accurate and up-to-date information for enhanced decision-making. Together, we aim to streamline logistics processes, reduce costs, and elevate overall operational efficiency for the benefit of the entire supply chain.”

The MileMaker and Turvo partnership represents a significant step forward in MileMaker and Turvo’s ongoing commitment to delivering state-of-the-art solutions to their customers.  

For more information about MileMaker and Turvo, please visit their respective websites at and

About MileMaker – Chicago-based MileMaker optimizes shipping routes and mileage through innovative solutions that drive efficiency and reduce costs. With a dedicated team of GIS experts, MileMaker’s software provides over 30% more truck-specific attributes than any other routing software.  

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