• Increased Productivity – Customers that rely heavily on service call centers have realized a substantial reduction in emails and phone calls and report increased productivity of up to 50%.

  • Efficient Labor Planning – Customers report approximately 35% labor efficiency savings with improved ability to more effectively plan for receiving dock labor.

  • Improved On-time Performance – Utilizing RyderShare, one customer recognized an improved on-time performance rating of 99%, up from 95%.

  • Instant Revenue Recognition – Through RyderShare’s document capture, customers have realized immediate revenue recognition with real-time proof of delivery, eliminating previous delays of up to five days.

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From The Wall Street Journal

Jennifer Smith, from The Wall Street Journal, writes about how Do It Best, a Ryder customer leans on freight technology to untangle scrambled supply chains.

“At Do it Best, the Ryder platform uses cloud-based technology from logistics software provider Turvo Inc. to connect shippers, carriers and receivers through a dashboard that tracks the freight in real time.”

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