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SEND Partners with Turvo for End-to-End Visibility with Collaborative Logistics Platform

SAN MATEO, Calif.Nov. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Turvo Inc., a leading provider of collaborative logistics software designed for global supply chains, has announced a partnership with transportation provider SEND. This strategic alliance will provide SEND deeper visibility and collaboration for its shipper customers and carrier partners in real-time, improving operational efficiencies and profit margins.

“SEND was built on the premise of collaboration and supporting one another. We look at this a bit differently than most, as all stakeholders need to be a part of the process. We focus on building relationships holistically, rather than making it transactional in nature,” said Nathan J Smith, the CEO of SEND.

As an employee-owned company, SEND focused on collaboration with its primary stakeholders: customers, carriers, and each-other. However, SEND struggled with technology-related constraints. Although robust in service offerings, SEND’s legacy TMS solutions were incapable of providing end-to-end visibility into operations. Clients could not efficiently track shipments resulting in labor-intensive processes, numerous emails, and check calls. To improve the customer experience, establish a network across multiple business partners, and create end-to-end visibility, SEND evaluated the top logistics technology providers in the market. SEND selected Turvo for its ability to enable collaboration and digital transformation across the entire supply chain.

“This partnership will help SEND provide its shippers and carriers a unique digital experience for end-to-end visibility and collaboration,” said Scott Lang, Chairman and CEO, Turvo. “We believe that Turvo’s multi-enterprise cloud platform solves for collaborative logistics to help our customers achieve complete visibility, increased revenue and profitability.”

Turvo’s platform is ideal for SEND who can rapidly deploy the solution to its customers in an easy-to-use, cloud environment for immediate adoption and value creation across its network who gains instant visibility into every shipment related workflow.

“With Turvo, we plan to build out private networks. Customers who utilize our carrier base might also have a base of their own carriers, and we are interested in curating these private marketplaces. SEND’s goal is to work with Turvo to launch these small micro-shipping environments for clients so they can operate and manage those networks,” said Smith.

About Turvo
Turvo is the first multi-enterprise collaborative platform specifically designed for the global supply chains. Turvo connects people and organizations, allowing shippers, logistics providers, and carriers to digitally connect and transform their workflows with cloud-based software and mobile applications for better customer experience and brand differentiation. The technology unifies all systems, internal and external, providing one end-to-end platform to execute all operations and analytics while eliminating redundant manual tasks and automating business processes. Stakeholders across the supply chain can make smarter, faster, more informed decisions. Turvo is based in the San Francisco Bay Area with offices in Dallas, Texas, and Hyderabad, India. Follow us on FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter.

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