Turvo expands its end-to-end collaborative logistics platform with Turvo Pay

Turvo Pay uses sharing, visibility and collaboration to get people paid faster and drives more than 10x improvement in efficiency of the payments process

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Aug. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Turvo, the leading collaborative logistics platform, today unveils Turvo Pay, a fully integrated suite of automated payments tools designed to get people paid faster and improve the efficiency of the payments process by more than 10x.

Many of the challenges that delay payments today stem from siloed systems and a lack of common understanding. The payment process involves a number of people across various departments and companies managing time consuming, error-prone workflows that often require manually configuring and moving data between systems. From proof-of-delivery and invoicing to payment and accounting, the slightest discrepancies can slow things down, tie up resources and cause frustration.

Turvo’s unique approach to connecting people and organizations provides an ideal platform to solve these challenges through shared visibility and a place for companies to work together. Turvo Pay closes the financial loop by adding payment capabilities into the context of an end-to-end connected experience with visibility made actionable through purpose built collaboration tools. This creates an immediate step change in efficiency, empowering employees to focus on higher value tasks while boosting customer service levels. It also reduces the risk of costly, embarrassing errors that can erode trust between partners in an interdependent industry where relationships are essential.

“Late payments can be as disruptive as late shipments,” said Matt Jubelirer, CMO of Turvo. “With Turvo Pay, we are the first to bring the promise of collaborative logistics to the payment process and connect it to the full shipment lifecycle. This will reduce what typically takes up to a full day of work down to minutes.”

With Turvo Pay, users can request and manage digital documentation and invoicing as an extension of the shipment itself, which speeds up collection and reduces errors. Built in payment processing brings together all of the popular payment methods including ACH, paper check, Comchek and EFS which can now be managed directly inside Turvo. Payments can be scheduled by selecting next day or three day ACH options, or choosing automated paper check fulfillment. On the back end, audit compliance, reconciliation, remittance emails, and accounting system updates can all be automated. Turvo Pay integrates with popular accounting systems including QuickBooks, NetSuite and Xero with the ability to work with other systems based on customer needs.

“Getting our drivers and carriers paid faster with better visibility into the process is essential to building a premium services business like ours,” said Brian Kempisty, founder of Port X Logistics, “With Turvo Pay, we can continue building preferred status with our carrier partners while creating internal efficiency for our team. It’s a welcome addition to the platform that will have immediate benefit and impact for our business.”

Turvo Pay offers all necessary tools to manage payments in one place, further extending the platform’s capabilities across the entire shipment lifecycle, from orders to cash. Turvo Pay is available for both new and existing customers. To learn more, contact us at www.turvo.com.

About Turvo

Turvo is the world’s first real-time collaborative logistics platform. The Turvo platform connects people and organizations across the supply chain, allowing shippers, logistics providers and carriers to work together in real-time through cloud-based software and mobile applications. The technology extends existing legacy logistics systems, providing end-to-end visibility and one unified data set for all operations and analytics, while eliminating redundant manual tasks and automating workflows. Turvo is based in the San Francisco Bay Area with offices in Boston, Mass. and Hyderabad, India.

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