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3PLs Turn to Technology to Reimagine the Supply Chain

At the FreightWaves’ 3PL Summit on March 24, 2021, Luis Pajares, Chief Revenue Officer at Turvo discussed the role of technology in the supply chain to reimagine workflows to improve overall customer experience. In the special fireside chat with FreightWaves SONARS’ VP of Product Marketing, Adam Robinson, the pair discussed how although visibility is a hot button topic in the supply chain, it’s really a symptom of a larger problem supply chains are facing that ties back to customer experience: manual, analog processes. Robinson and Pajares had a back and forth about how to solve the root cause by digitally transforming supply chains to address the visibility symptom, putting the supply chain at the heart of customer experience. 

Architecting the Supply Chain to Collaborate and to Improve Customer Experience

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of supply chain management. Log in to this system, check the TMS, verify against the WMS, call the supplier, and more data processes become redundant in today’s world. And the promises of visibility often fall short due to the sheer scale of the technology and various systems. Think about it. Shippers and 3PLs are using multiple systems and juggling email, phone calls, sometimes with processes not that visible to customers and partners. This makes collaboration at scale very difficult, but that’s what it takes to deliver on that customer experience promise.

There’s a very basic issue with the state of the supply chain of today. 

The global supply chain wasn’t constructed to collaborate and solve for customer experience—it was constructed to move freight from a business to business without respect for the growing needs of e-commerce.

According to Pajares, “The key to collaboration is that it’s as if your customer and you, the 3PL, and your carriers were all in the same room and managing that order-to-cash workflow as if it was a team sport…Turvo has indexed the entire supply chain, capturing every location, destination, rate, pickup point, invoicing and more.” That is a sentiment echoed throughout all industries, especially as startups have taken root. 

That builds true collaboration and promotes efficiency in everyday activities. And as shown with example after example in the past, faster management amounts to spending more time doing what really matters, engaging customers to drive revenue. That’s what it all comes down to, and it’s time for today’s supply chain leaders to recognize that the old swivel-chair analogy is still applicable. It’s too slow, draining and cumbersome to log into multiple systems to figure out what’s happening. 

Pajares continued, “The software that has served the supply chain has always been optimized around particular functions. TMS systems are really good at building shipments, warehouse management systems at managing the warehouses, ERP systems for financial settlement, and things like that. But never really in the supply chain has anybody thought about how the software that supports it impacts customer experience, and that’s what we’re doing at Turvo.

Instead of relying on outdated systems, Turvo unifies the whole process into a single source of truth, using data analytics and visibility-driven resources—something that was long believed to be the end goal of TMS vendors. 

Increase Value Within Your Networked With a True, Indexed Resource of the Full Tech Stack

Turvo can help companies regardless of scale finally unify their tech stacks and enable end-to-end visibility, optimization, and execution. And in turn, that boosts the order-to-cash process while reducing the headaches of manual management. Connect with Turvo to get started. 

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