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The Amazon-Effect Survey: How Does Customer Experience Affect Your Supply Chain?

As the world continues to change and adapt to customers’ changing needs, companies that respond quickly stand the best chance of adapting and thriving. 

Businesses need to ensure that their shipping and logistics protocols and customer communications are more integrated than they ever have been before —this is now known as the “Amazon Effect.” 

The impact of the “Amazon Effect” is that customers now expect reliable, real-time, accurate, and free tracking for all online purchases that they make. 

In pursuit of helping businesses put their supply chains at the heart of customer experience, we’ve put together a market survey to poll industry professionals.

As an exchange for survey participants’ time, Turvo will provide a complimentary report to those who complete the poll. This report will allow leaders to benchmark their internal customer experience initiatives to peers and see what best practices the industry is focusing on at present and where there may be opportunities for improvement.

The survey has eight simple questions and will take about 3 to 5 minutes to complete. Click below to take the survey, and we will be happy to share our findings with you. 

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