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How Turvo Enables Collaboration & Customer Experience at Scale

Recently Turvo’s VP of Sales Engineering Jeff Graan joined FreightWaves SONAR’s VP of Product Marketing Adam Robinson on an episode of stackd, powered by SONAR to explore the role of innovation in the supply chain and how customer experience is the driving force behind Turvo’s architecture and value creation. 

The pair talked about how the supply chain industry is moving beyond the table stakes of TMS and turning to network-like technology platforms that go further upstream into the supply chain, enabling strong supply chain collaboration amongst all trading partners, putting the supply chain at the heart of their customer experience strategy. 

Listen to the podcast to gain insights on:

  • Why shippers, 3PLs, and brokers should care about collaboration in the supply chain as it becomes a more strategic initiative that elevates relationships with your customers, carriers, suppliers, and partners. 

  • How Turvo eliminates data siloes and unifies all systems, people, and processes by indexing the entire supply chain for a single pane of glass with seamless integration points into TMS, WMS, ERP, visibility point solutions, and more.  

  • The payoff for collaborative logistics applications as it relates to a better overall customer experience and efficiencies across the supply chain. 

  • How collaboration applications enable strategic conversations at the order level to happen faster and for the freight department to work seamlessly with procurement on the inbound side and sales on the outbound side to optimize freight shipping. 

Be sure to check our upcoming webinar with Kendra Phillips, CTO and VP of New Products, Ryder System Inc., “Reimagining the Supply Chain to Deliver Amazing Customer Experiences” on April 8th, 2021.


Samantha Foley serves as Turvo’s Chief Marketing Officer with oversight of the management of product marketing and brand positioning, digital marketing, lead generation and campaigns, events, communications, and press and analyst relations.

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