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Freight Brokers Provide Shipment Visibility to Shippers with Turvo

Freight Brokers Who Provide Transparency & Shipment Visibility Give Shippers A Better Experience

Transparency and open communication lines are vital in any workplace, but it is especially true when talking about the shipping and transportation industries. Transparency and visibility into supply chain processes and clear communication between team members and partners are essential for these businesses. Carriers, shippers, and customers alike will have a better experience when shipment visibility and logistics collaboration are built into every step of the process: from order to cash received. Freight brokers, shipment managers, and others who work to improve visibility and transparency can help ensure a better experience. 

Why Poor Transparency Creates Added Costs

Shipment visibility is built into every modern supply chain process in the quest to streamline tracking along the transportation services chain. Even digital transformation advances, such as automated shipment updates, enhanced tracking, and improved communication processes, are now beginning to succumb to inefficient processes. Even when a company does everything it should and works on implementing digital procedures, other issues seem to arise, including:

  • The failure to share data on time with third-parties or supply chain teams 
  • Limited transparency when it comes to sharing real-time location and status updates 
  • Loss of shipment visibility as data is processed and sent on the line of communication.
  • Email fatigue that leads to the recurrence of “I’ll check my email when I get a chance.”
  • Trying to gather and organize paperwork for drivers to have at delivery or dispatch.
  • A proliferation of supply chain system use that is not integrated and create “login fatigue.”

According to Supply and Demand Chain Executive, “As ELD technology is a frustration point to trucking companies, the desire for digital transformation is also putting pressure on logistics to show greater visibility throughout the entire process.

With digital solutions becoming more commonplace, consumers’ expectations are growing even more in the workplace. Companies want to see where their shipments are, which means providing trucks equipped with GPS tracking and as much detail as possible. Trucking companies and 3PLs are also tapping into technology to provide end-to-end visibility for more cost-effective forms of operations. These trucking groups allow partners to see exactly where a truck is and synchronize with other companies to reduce downtime for all the moments beyond just driving.”

Improved Shipment Visibility Creates a Better Experience

Technology within the freight shipment and supply chain system can help fill workforce gaps, reduce pressure on strained segments of the supply chain, and even improve current employees’ productivity. Automating mundane tasks can free up workers for bigger picture strategic initiatives and help companies meet the freight market’s ever-growing demand. The results of improved transparency and automation within the tracking and management process have proven that this kind of setup gives freight brokers a competitive advantage. Now more than ever, it is essential that customers and third-party partners have the best possible experience. 

When freight brokers can improve shipment visibility with tracking and transportation analytics, they can improve the return on investment in supply chain technology, secure more business, and keep customers’ experience as positive as possible. Transparency, automated data processing, and sharing are needed today to cut costs, reduce wasted time, and streamline the shipment process. 

Ways Increased Shipment Traceability Benefits the Supply Chain

Improving shipment traceability and enhancing shipment visibility within the supply chain is key to improving overall success and smooth operations. Here are some ways to make those benefits stronger within the shipping and transportation industry:

  • Embracing a version of a ‘set-it-and-forget-it’ mentality that allows you to automate specific processes so your energy can go to other critical tasks.
  • Setting up a system for automated data collection, processing, and sharing within all supply chain lines and all involved parties.
  • Streamlining the process of scheduling drop-offs and pick-ups with a straightforward and easy to use dock appointment scheduling system to reduce delays.
  • Responding faster to freight claims or shipping issues and an improved line of communication and interaction with the customer base.
  • Using a system that brings all processes, systems, and people together via APIs and shows real-time shipment status.

Choose Turvo to Enable Better Freight Brokerage Services and More Visibility

Turvo can assist with every step of providing more straightforward communication, greater transparency, and improved shipment visibility, with a complete evaluation of existing systems and how to improve systems. Visit Turvo online to learn more about how Turvo can help your company achieve increased value in your tech stack. 

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