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Webinar: Turvo-Charging the Customer Experience: How Lineage Logistics Is Transforming the Supply Chain



Continuous improvement in logistics implies a need to stay focused on the customer experience. In partnership with Lineage Logistics, Turvo’s platform powers Lineage Link, a next-generation collaborative logistics solution to help customers “drive their own supply chains.” This is a primary focus of an upcoming FreightWaves webinar this week on Thursday, January 14th, 2020, at 2 PM EST. Panelists for the event are Sudarsan Thattai, Chief Information Office for Lineage Logistics, and Ketan Karkhanis, Turvo’s Chief Product Officer, moderated by FreightWaves’ VP of Sponsored Content, Mary Anne Hensley. In this summary, we’ll provide a brief overview of the webinar contents, and for those who were unable to attend on the day of the webinar, they may return to this blog post to access a replay of the webinar.

The Turvo-Lineage Partnership Unifies the Supply Chain

Take a moment to think about the definition of digital transformation in logistics. It’s the full evolution of existing processes and their use of technology to do more with less, lower operating costs, and optimize everything. Part of that transformation means execution with real-time data and communicating any changes or needs in real-time. That’s where Lineage Link and Turvo meet at the crossroads of logistics. Partnering with Turvo, Lineage Logistics launched Lineage Link, a collaboration platform that offers end-to-end transparency to help organizations achieve digital transformation. It’s a strategic offering that works across the most vital of today’s supply chains, including food supply chains and cold transport needs. By connecting data with the decision-makers, operators can automate more processes from replenishment through restocking after returns.
Lineage Link breathes new life into warehouse process automation and smarter supply chain execution. Every process from warehouse management through reverse logistics can benefit from process automation and more intelligent management. The implication is simple: more data amounts to better actionability and real-time transparency to build supply chain resilience, flexibility, and agility. More excitingly, supply chains are only just beginning to implement the potential of real-time data. Consider this, according to Forbes, “49% of Supply Chain Leaders can capture real-time data insights and act on them immediately, while 51% use AI and predictive analytics to capture insights. This allows Supply Chain Leaders to react in real-time to changing conditions—from wide scale disruptions to individual customer complaints.”
In a multi-tiered global supply chain, end-to-end visibility is difficult enough to achieve in the best of times. But the spread of the coronavirus uncovered supply chain vulnerabilities and their impact on the world economy. As a result, the importance of supply chain visibility and resiliency has never been more evident.” 
While transparency and actionable data are the cornerstones of successful supply chain orchestration, it’s also imperative to realize how Lineage Link makes it possible.

Lineage Link Offers Core Benefits That Empower Their Customers With Real-Time Transparency and Actionable Data

Lineage Link eliminates the legacy swivel-chair approach to visibility-driven initiatives with a single platform for everything supply chain. Instead of tracking yet another system, users can click a single link, share shipment data, and create milestone-based monitoring rules to enable seamless tracking across all industries and users. That eliminates uncertainty, increases full network inventory visibility, promotes route optimization accuracy, and much more.
Added value through increased dock scheduling efficiency, carrier self-servicing, digital check-ins, and even driver apps also go a long way in enabling fewer interactions to speed processes. That’s a great benefit in the era that is moving towards contactless, paperless transactions that will allow companies to ensure safety and compliance with new regulations. In turn, B2B customers can make more agile and informed inventory decisions, allowing carriers to plan asset allocation better. It’s an endless cycle of improvement that culminates in a better customer experience and less waste. Also, it all runs on the power of Turvo. Remember that Turvo adds value through its exhaustive list of collaborative and visibility-driven capabilities.

Learn How to Turvo-Charge the Customer Experience With Lineage Link and Turvo at Your Side

Disruption is the name of the game in supply chain management. Shippers are looking for ways to manage operations better, and trucking carriers try to find new avenues to understand and apply the right freight KPIs. FreightWaves reported, “Analytics-driven processes are the go-to strategies for all freight management parties that seek to increase profitability. But there can be problems in carrier freight KPIs creation and use. As reported by Mindy Long of Transport Topics, “One of the challenges for fleets collecting a wealth of data is determining what information is actionable.” And that’s precisely what the Lineage Logistics and Turvo partnership and webinar are all about—finding new opportunities by capturing the right data and making the hidden bits visible to all, actionable, and applicable. Register to attend the webinar here. In the interim, schedule a demo to learn more about how Turvo can restore trust, transparency, and actionability with a collaborative logistics platform today.

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