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Essentials for Logistics TMS Software

Are you looking to streamline your supply chain process and take your logistics company to the next level?

It’s time to look closer at a modern TMS like Turvo and some essential features or integrations you need to stay competitive in today’s ever-evolving marketplace. 

Not all TMS solutions are created equal, but with Turvo’s modern TMS, you get real-time tracking, end-to-end communication, and a range of integrations that work together to automate and optimize your supply chain operations. 

What features or integrations should you be looking for in your TMS? 

Here are seven to consider: 

Order Management

From order fulfillment to billing and shipping documents, an OMS and TMS integration provides end-to-end visibility and analytics to optimize your customer service and streamline your process. 


Say goodbye to spreadsheets and manual tasks. With a TMS, you can automate scheduling, eliminate detention fees, reduce missed shipments, and keep everyone on the same page with real-time updates. 

Warehouse Management

A WMS integration helps you maximize your physical assets and optimize your warehouse space. 

Inventory Management

An IMS integration allows you to track inventory in real-time, minimize costs, and reduce the risk of being over or under-stocked, helping to improve your bottom line and customer satisfaction. 


Monitor driver behavior, optimize your fleet, and prioritize shipments for better customer satisfaction with real-time tracking and data exchange through telematics. 

Carrier Connectivity

Improve communication, reduce errors, and automate the booking and dispatch process for faster, more efficient transportation by integrating with carriers


Streamline your invoicing, billing, and financial tracking with accounting software and TMS integration that allows you to manage everything from one central platform. 

With these features and integrations, you can more effectively operate a  streamlined, optimized, and scalable supply chain that helps you stay connected and competitive in today’s fast-paced marketplace. 

So why wait? 

It’s time to upgrade your TMS and take your logistics company to the next level with Turvo.

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