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Turvo Grabs 8th Consecutive Best-in-Show at FreightWaves 2023 3PL Summit

FreightWaves TV presented the 2023 3PL Summit on April 5th to discuss the latest trends in the logistics industry, including pricing strategies, shipment tracking, automation, carrier selection, and sales techniques. The summit also highlighted what to expect in the freight markets for the rest of the year. And for the eighth consecutive time, Turvo, a leading transportation management system (TMS) provider, captured the best-in-show award.

Over the past two years, the trucking industry has undergone significant changes, with prices increasing and a shortage of available trucks to meet demand. However, in 2023, more trucks will be available than necessary, which means that third-party logistics companies (3PLs) must consider their next steps. Should they focus on current trends or plan for the future?

The event featured keynote speaker Anne Reinke, the President & CEO of TIA, and top logistics experts, including FreightWaves Chief Economist Anthony Smith, Staff Writer Grace Sharkey, Reporter Kaylee Nix, and FreightWaves Freight Broker/3PL Expert Mary O’Connell.

One of the highlights of the summit was the rapid-fire demonstration delivered by Turvo’s VP of Innovation, Jeff Graan, which showcased the company’s modern TMS solutions. The demo session helped catapult Turvo and its TMS solutions to the best-in-show award for the eighth straight time.

“Winning our 8th consecutive Best in Show and showcasing our product is a testament to Turvo’s differentiation and success as a leading freight tech provider,” said Scott Lang, Chairman and CEO, Turvo. “Turvo Collaboration Cloud and its TMS applications provide freight brokers and 3PLs a unique transportation management approach, with in-context collaboration to drive visibility across every user and data point in the supply chain. We’re thrilled to be recognized by our customers, partners and industry peers.”

Turvo’s TMS solutions offer a comprehensive platform for managing transportation operations, including real-time visibility into shipments, intelligent automation, and carrier selection tools. The company’s modern approach to logistics management has earned them a loyal following among 3PLs, carriers, and shippers alike.

The FreightWaves 3PL Summit also focused on the current state of the trucking industry and what to expect in the coming months. The experts discussed how the increasing number of available trucks will impact pricing and capacity, with some predicting a return to more traditional pricing models. Others noted that automation and digitization will continue to play a significant role in the logistics industry, with technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning driving efficiency and cost savings.

Special appearance by Dooner from FreightWaves’ “What The Truck!?!” speaking with Turvo’s Senior Director of Product Management, Kyle Wegman, featuring Steven West, Director of Logistics at Reibus, a Turvo Freight Broker Customer. 

Watch the full segment here. 

The experts also highlighted the importance of customer service and how logistics providers can differentiate themselves by offering exceptional service and personalized experiences. By leveraging technology and automation, logistics providers can focus more on customer needs and less on administrative tasks, ultimately driving better outcomes and higher customer satisfaction.

The FreightWaves 2023 3PL Summit provided valuable insights into the current state of the logistics industry and what to expect in the coming months. Turvo’s continued success highlights the importance of modern, technology-driven solutions in managing transportation operations, while the experts’ discussions emphasized the importance of customer service and personalization in differentiating logistics providers. Overall, the event served as a valuable forum for industry leaders to connect, share ideas, and collaborate on the future of logistics.

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