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Turvo Collaboration Cloud

One connected cloud platform. One view into legacy systems. One source of truth.

Network Like Never Before

Turvo’s Collaboration Cloud is the world’s leading cloud-based, collaborative logistics platform. Connect every stakeholder in a single, integrated and scalable network to create a resilient supply chain that’s agile, responsive and eliminates the waste of inefficiencies.

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Invite & Click, It's That Simple

Level-up your customer experience with the speed and simplicity of Turvo. Designed with sharing, collaboration and the end-user top of mind, easily invite every participant in your supply chain network with just one click.

Collaborate with Context

Similar to social media, Turvo connects shippers, LSPs, brokers, carriers and drivers in a collaborative environment. Experience the benefits of collaboration within the context of your orders, inventory, shipments, payments and more. 

Turvo screens mobile and desktop

Go Beyond Visibility

Point solutions for visibility are limited to the blue dot on the map — only answering “where’s my shipment”. Turvo offers visibility + collaboration with integration to your existing technologies, analytics, and applications for rapid supply chain execution. 

The Power of Turvo

Connected Orgranizations
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Hours Saved WIth Digital Payment Processing​
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Faster Revenue Recognition
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Man Hours Saved in Scorecard Generation​
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Trusted by Over 36K+ Organizations

Turvo is secure by default, giving you peace of mind that data privacy, compliance and governance are built into the platform. 

You decide who sees what and when they see it. 

Turvo's Collaboration Cloud is For:


Gain efficiencies in supply chain processes & reduce costs.

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Logistics Service Providers

Differentiate with a fully digitized customer interface.

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Freight Brokers

Book faster for your shipper customers, improve margins, & gain full visibility.

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Manage documents, invoice faster, and improve workflow to focus on profitability.

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