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Logistics Service Providers

Turvo for Logistics Service Providers

Integrate silos of information and people in a unified platform with intelligence and analytics to make impactful changes in your customers' supply chains. ​

Logistics Success Playbook

Learn how adopting off-the-shelf logistics technology can synchronize your people, systems, trading partners and supply chains to differentiate your customer experience.

  • Digitize & Differentiate Your Customer Experience
  • Extract More ROI from Your Existing Tech Stack
  • Improve Productivity & Reduce Operating Costs
  • Provide End-to-End Visibility and Collaboration


Real-time access to shipper, carrier, and driver data in one system​


Complete visibility across orders, inventory, and shipments


Out-of-the-box business intelligence and reporting

Turvo Connect

Seamless integration to TMS, WMS, legacy systems, and more

Synchronize Your Supply Chain

Turvo is a collaborative logistics platform built with logistics providers in mind. It recognizes the need for process and shipment status visibility, contract management controls, efficient payment methods, and jointed communications throughout the entire supply chain system. Enable real-time tracking with a connected driver app and leverage better transportation management of your network.

Experience The Benefits of Digitally Transformed Supply Chains

Using a simplified, accessible dashboard, Turvo Item Master provides a snapshot of all activities to better manage freight in real time. Instead of trying to figure out where freight is, know immediately--from one screen--the status of all shipped items and events in progress.


More data into shipments enables proactive inventory management while in transit, putting your shippers’ and customers’ minds at ease.


Effective order management tools increase productivity, enabling clear, concise communications with drivers, customers, and carriers in real-time. Also, visualize and automate everything, using data from the ERP through the TMS and beyond, to better manage freight before and after delivery and while in transit.


Turvo makes supply chain governance easier with visibility into every workflow--enforce contracts by using fact, not assumption, to show where carriers did and did not fulfill their obligations. Help keep your shippers’ priorities top of mind.


Embedded scheduling functions eliminate redundancy and enable one-stop freight management. Optimized, user-friendly resources streamline booking processes and enable scalability to build a better experience for your shippers and customers alike.


Using Turvo Shipments, seamlessly track all movements and documents within the platform to really see the full transportation life cycle, upload and review bills of lading, and more. Eliminate concerns over lost freight, and hold carriers and drivers accountable. Know your costs and efficiency rates, increasing your ability to scale operations and manage by exception.


Telematics within the Turvo Driver App puts your drivers in the driver’s seat of document management, status reporting, ETA calculations, exception notifications, and more without ever adding to the driver workload. Drivers can upload proof of delivery and share the bill of lading with carriers further enhancing collaboration.

The Tangible ROI of Turvo

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Faster Revenue Recognition
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Increase in Productivity
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Fewer Manual Updates
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On-time Shipments

Turvo Execution Applications


Email tender and rate data faster, to all parties, to expedite shipment execution.

Inventory Management

Provide shippers inventory visibility into their freight while in transit.


Quickly find and review orders by frequency, invoicing, carriers, and more.

Turvo Driver​

Provide drivers with a mobile app to easily capture and share photos of documents including BOLs, PODs, and more.


Derive more value from your tech stack and full supply chain network.

Appointment Scheduling

Complete scheduling requests and release BOL details for carriers digitally.

Turvo for LSPs

The world's leading end-to-end collaborative logistics platform

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