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Turvo Partners with MatchBack Systems for Optimized Street-Turns

Leading logistics and supply chain collaboration service, Turvo, has recently announced a new partnership with street-turn expert, MatchBack Systems. This collaboration brings MatchBack Systems’ street turn optimization capabilities to increase supply chain efficiency while augmenting Turvo’s existing services at the same time.

Why do you need seamless, optimized street turns?

With port congestion becoming a norm, shippers, carriers, truckers, and other logistics personnel suffer from an acute shortage of containers for re-use. With demand outstripping global container supply, the shortfall is predicted to last at least until June 2022, if not longer. With increasing production and rising demand for import and export of goods, the need for containers will only grow. As a workaround,   some truckers and intermediaries perform a street turn, using the empty containers from their import loads to carry inventory meant for export. However, shipping lines or carriers who own the containers will often charge demurrage fees or a street turn cost to be compensated for the use of their containers. While this is an excellent solution for truckers,  for other stakeholders dealing with port congestion and driver shortage, the overall process can be tedious. As a result,  truckers may avoid the process to minimize delays. MatchBack Systems, a logistics software company with an innovative approach to street-turn containers, uses proprietary technology and data analytics to optimize and automate street-turns globally, solving this obstacle. Their services result in lower overall supply chain costs and improved efficiencies. With customers ranging in size from global ocean carriers to small trucking companies and everybody in between, MatchBack Systems’ collaboration with Turvo promises to optimize street turns for current and future Turvo users. According to Todd Ericksrud, CEO, MatchBack Systems, “Turvo and MatchBack Systems have a shared vision to solve supply chain inefficiencies through visibility and collaboration. Both companies put innovative technology to work to streamline workflow for shippers, carriers, and logistics providers. Our partnership delivers more street-turn opportunities for our customers to improve efficiency while reducing costs and emissions.”

3 Benefits of MatchBack System’s partnership with Turvo

1.   Seamless street-turn opportunities:

This partnership benefits all parties in the supply chain, including shippers, ocean carriers, truckers, and intermediaries (3PLs, freight forwarders, NVOCCs, IMCs, and ports). These stakeholders get access to more opportunities for street turns and dual transactions. Shippers, carriers, truckers, and intermediaries already using Turvo or MatchBack  Systems’ services also gain the ability to optimize and automate the street-turn process using one interface. This makes it the ideal street-turn solution for intermodal shipping. MatchBack  Systems’ signature services facilitate seamless street-turn intelligence and optimization at the right time by connecting you with the right partners. These signature services include:
  • MatchAdvisorTM – a leading street-turn optimization solution in the industry.
  • MatchMarketplaceTM – a collaborative portal to execute street turns with partners.
  • MatchConnectorTM – a private network to pool inventories with trusted partners.

2.   Cost-saving for stakeholders across the supply chain:

MatchBack  Systems’ signature tool MatchProcurementTM  is a strategic procurement solution that enables stakeholders to lock in street-turn savings.  Each street-turn saves $150-$400 in direct transportation costs.  Truckers get the ability to maximize utilization and capacity to boost returns with fewer empty trips and more loaded miles. Stakeholders also can collaborate with partners across the Turvo and MatchBack Systems networks, resulting in joint efficiency gains and cost savings. Apart from this, optimizing street turns can help with greater container velocity and provide relief from port congestion, thus further helping save costs.

3.   Sustainability goal setting:

Finally, with seamless tracking of empty containers and facilitating street turns more easily, shippers, truckers, and other stakeholders can also reduce emissions. This partnership also supports achieving measurable sustainability goals with emissions data to track CO2 as well as distance and fuel savings. About Turvo  Turvo works to empower shippers, carriers, LSPs, and brokers with a completely streamlined, connected approach to comprehensive supply chain management, all in one platform. About MatchBack Systems MatchBack Systems is The Street-Turn Expert powered by innovative technology and a team of logistics experts. Their mission is to be the #1 street-turn solution on a global scale.

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