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Supply Chain Technology Cloud

Why Leaders Shift Supply Chain Technology Systems to the Cloud

To meet the consumer demands in today’s increasingly evolving logistics world, many businesses are beginning to implement supply chain technology systems successfully. According to Supply & Demand Chain Executive, supply chain management (SCM) software revenue is on track to surpass $19 billion in this year alone. This exponential adaption presents immediate solutions that are both cost-effective and customer-centric. By integrating this technology, companies can gain higher company profit margins, all while boosting efficiency.

On-Premise Technology Comes With Higher Risk of Data Loss or Theft

On-premise supply chain technology systems come with many downsides. Many companies hold onto the legacy systems that they have been using for years. As the logistics technology sector continues to evolve, so must the integration of updated systems. When organizations hold onto outdated technology, high-risk situations present themselves. 

In-house IT departments are solely responsible for routine data backups and regular maintenance, which can be compromised if the system crashes on-site, putting a complete stoppage to the supply chain. With on-premise technology, companies are also responsible for protecting crucial information that may be compromised through security breaches resulting in theft. Having off-premise solutions allows for an extra layer of protection and encryption by outside teams dedicated to preventing these disastrous scenarios.

Cloud-Based Technology Offers Around-the-Clock, Anywhere Access to Authorized Users

One central key element that supply chain technology systems provide is accessibility. Companies and logistic partners are no longer bound to the chains of office hours or email exchanges that constrain time and resources. Instead, everyone from account managers, drivers, and even customers (when it pertains to order status and information) has instantaneous access to all necessary documents digitally. As this information is virtual, it’s no longer required for authorized users to be physically at the office or in the general vicinity to access necessary freight data. All it takes is a device and a stable connection for immediate on-the-spot access.

Cloud Supply Chain Technology Systems Are Highly Scalable

A significant benefit of supply chain management software and systems is full scalability. To meet the demands of the ever-growing market requires understandably daunting change. When change comes to mind, supply chain leaders assume a whole revamp of the entire system currently in place. This isn’t the case. Emerging cloud services allow companies to scale without overhauling their systems. As the company experiences growth, technology will evolve along with operational efficiency and accessibility.

The Cloud is More Cost-Effective for Storing Data

Storing data virtually comes with many cost-saving benefits. The manual method of storing heaps of paperwork in filing cabinets has been replaced with supply chain technology systems and logistics technology that offers cloud storage. This is the most cost-effective method for many reasons. Large amounts of paper are no longer required to conduct business, saving logistic organizations money and helping them stay environmentally conscious. Another excellent benefit to mention is the mitigation of human error. Backing up documents in the cloud would eliminate the risk of losing or misplacing any essential information.

Off-Premise Analytics Create New Opportunities for Optimization of Your Transportation Network

Using supply chain technology systems that are fully decentralized or otherwise known software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms allows companies to fully optimize their network by capturing and understanding robust data. Having a system in place that automatically centralizes analytics through robust reporting tools creates scaling opportunities for businesses. Being able to comprehend and break down data translates to significant growth in sales and customer satisfaction. This grants organizations new opportunities to spot low-performance indicators, predict trends, and complete visibility into the network on a day-to-day basis. 

Leverage the Value of a Cloud Tech Stack by Partnering With Turvo

Finding the right supply chain technology systems creates an ample amount of opportunities that provide many long-term benefits. Through the implementation of cloud service technology, companies become more agile and effective. Leveraging the advantages of these robust tools allows companies to scale with ease and offers greater security. Start succeeding today with supply chain technology systems that will enhance your business. Contact Turvo to get started. 


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