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Shipment Tracking: How Visibility Aids Customer Experience

The world of shipping, transportation, and shipment tracking has changed a lot over the last five years, but nothing compares to the changes 2020 has seen. According to John Koetsier of Forbes, e-commerce advanced to the tune of six years within six months. With a renewed focus on customer service and the demand for reliable and affordable shipping exploding due to supply chain disruptions like lockdowns and the pandemic, the need for visibility, advanced customer service feedback systems, and reliable tracking has never been greater. 

Digital Shipment Tracking Creates Centralized Supply Chain Visibility

Companies across the board have had to adjust and adapt and change how they do business to continue meeting customer needs. Shipping and transportation have long been essential services, and that is true now more than ever. This all continues contributing to the development of the software stacks and digital shipment tracking systems many shipping managers are using today. Shipment monitoring and tracking are among the biggest hurdles in the industry today, and it is where the bulk of the money and time gets squandered and is where the most significant benefits can be seen. 

Traceability Reduces Hassle in Handling Customer Inquiries

It is easy to see where the time and money wasters are when dealing with customer inquiries and delays within the shipping tracking process. Phone calls to check on statuses, update report logs, file complaints, or address any concerns all eat away at the time it takes to move from Point A to Point B. It is also important to remember that these kinds of pauses and delays will happen for each order on the truck and every truck in your fleet. So, a single day’s worth of deliveries could cost you tons without good shipment and automated system updates. A sound tracking system reduces delays and improves traceability.

Transparency Helps All Supply Chain Parties Collaborate

Having vast data pools to pull from and seeing end-to-end reports of every shipment being handled gives supply chains a significant advantage. Access to detailed records and reports of shipping trends allow for a more accurate and personalized process of gathering, processing, and distributing data and updates. Advanced visualization capabilities with a reliable shipment tracking system makes it easy to get updates on any shipment at any time. With collaboration, everyone can benefit from transparency so that the supply chain can remain healthy. 

Real-Time Data Reduces Confusion and Unnecessary Check Calls

With the uncertainty that impacts businesses every day and the ever-changing regulations and requirements for shipment tracking, transportation, and delivery interactions, there is a lot of pressure to perform. According to a report by The Global Legal Post, “41% of respondents were investing in automation at a faster clip in response to the crisis, with another 43% of business leaders saying they will speed up investments in digital and technology once some normality has returned.” Shipment tracking must be automated and current to maintain a high ROI for time and money investments. And with the most prominent peak season in history arriving any day, now is the time to get the real-time data needed to survive.

Meaningful Partnerships and Mutually Beneficial Relationships Stay Strong

The results of meaningful partnerships and relationships within the shipping and trucking industry have been shown over the past year to boost revenue while reducing waste and improving client, customer, and employee satisfaction and happiness. Everything in the supply chain is based on building the best customer experience possible when you think about it. That goal transcends all activities. Businesses need to apply all resources, namely visibility, to keep the experience positive and avoid any issue that could lead to its derailment. This kind of relationship gives shipping companies the competitive advantage needed to survive in these challenging and turbulent times. Shipment tracking and other services are more comfortable to apply and benefit from collaboration and partnership. Turvo can assist with every step of the process with a unified service platform that works across and specifically for each company’s supply chain. Visit Turvo online to get started.


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