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How Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration Build Flexibility and Resiliency

The shocks of early 2020 hit the freight management and logistics supply chain hard. The disruptions that showed up at the beginning of the year demonstrated the importance of flexibility and resilience. The right technology can help freight managers see what’s going on throughout the chain. It also allows shippers and carriers to quickly and appropriately respond to problems and issues. Supply chain visibility and collaboration come into play and makes a world of difference. According to Forbes, “While most of the attention on supply chain sustainability centers around societal contributions, climate change and driving positive business results (such as valuation and brand reputation), the other critical benefits – namely, resilience, risk mitigation, and continuity – have come front and center during Covid-19.” 

This is where logistics managers and freight controllers can use supply chain visibility and collaboration. Implementing these processes can help them make the most of all available resources. 

Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration Are Key to Seeing the Problems in Real-Time.

Shippers and transportation managers remain watchful for problems and disruptions. According to Supply Chain Digital, “As many as 55% of organizations have taken between three to six months to recover from supply chain disruptions this year, while another 13% expect to take six to twelve months to do so. Inevitably, this means few organizations are prepared for any further potential disruption that may lie ahead.” Freight management parties must take steps to prepare to address problems practically. Of course, many great benefits come with improved visibility and collaboration. The irony lies within the severe setbacks that may arise from poor visibility. Moreover, limited insight into existing operations opens the door to immense risks, including but not limited to:

  • An inability to recognize exceptions when they occur. 
  • Poor freight capacity planning and limited asset utilization. 
  • Delays in shipping may tarnish customer experiences. 
  • Increased risk of freight cargo claims.

Increased Visibility & Flexibility Yields Stronger Supply Chains

The benefits grow on one another and continue to add value as technology becomes more ingrained within all activities. These benefits can have far-reaching effects on the shipping industry. The ripple effect of visibility and collaboration can impact every part of the supply chain network. And in fact, the top benefits of increased supply chain visibility include:

  • Ability to embrace and incorporate enhanced problem-solving processes.
  • Easy ways to identify and address disruptions and concerns.
  • Quick and prompt reaction remains key to protecting supply chain stability.
  • Simplified communication and data sharing processes.
  • Access to data and information that is reliable and up to date.

Supply chain visibility and collaboration make it easier to quickly adapt to fluctuations in the network. 

How to Put the Power of Supply Chain Visibility to Work

Transportation management can benefit from supply chain visibility and collaboration. And a few actionable ways to leverage visibility for increased flexibility include:

  • Anticipate disruptions and build contingency plans for them ahead of time.
  • Prioritize location to touch customers and suppliers locally.
  • Diversify supplier and shipping options to source capacity. 
  • Implement sustainability initiatives to withstand evolving customer expectations.
  • Empower your network flexibility and quick response times.
  • Account for channel variations and unique fluctuations to avoid out-of-stocks and miscommunications.


The collaboration follows naturally to enable resiliency through distribution. Transparency throughout the shipping and transportation industries remains vital. It has a massive impact on the supply chain’s growth and survival. Collaboration within the shipping chain of command heels strengthens every part of the network. Supply chain visibility and partnerships make the network more resilient and adaptable. It will remain a key focus during distribution and freight management operations. 

Boost Efficiency and Freight Execution in Your Enterprise With Turvo-Powered Systems

Supply chain visibility and collaboration have proven to be essential for survival during the past few trying years. The ever-changing supply chain looks nothing like it did a decade ago. And it will still look completely different in another 20-30 years. A strong focus on supply chain visibility and collaboration can make success in 2021 and beyond possible. Contact Turvo today to get started. 

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