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Scale Logistics with Technology

How Cloud-Based TMS Allows Logistics Companies to Scale

If there is an industry that understands the value of scalability, it’s the logistics industry.  The rate of change in the supply chain requires brokers and 3PLs to continuously improve their performance to meet their customer’s needs. According to 3PL Central, “Adapting to client growth is a part of the business. But what’s different this time is the astronomical surge in e-commerce adoption. All of a sudden, the systems and processes of 3PL warehouses are going through a rigorous stress test, and many are already snapping. Hence why we believe scalability is going to be one of the biggest challenges for 3PLs moving forward.”

Increasing customer demands are simply an addendum to the growing list of challenges logistics companies face in post-pandemic times. Supply Chain Digital discovered: “The majority have found challenges across all aspects of their operations, including shortages of critical parts/materials (74 per cent), delayed shipments and longer lead times (74 per cent), difficulties in adjusting production capacity in response to fluctuating demand (69 per cent), and difficulties planning amid volatile levels of customer demand (68 per cent).”

Overcoming these challenges has forced brokers and 3PLs to consider how they can future-proof their business to better fulfill the needs of their customers. Without an automated solution, logistics companies are forced to rely on archaic, manual processes. Manual approaches restrict 3PLs and brokers from growing their businesses because of the costly, inefficient nature of complex processes. While technology in the logistics sphere is not a new concept, it is critical that logistics companies leverage software that is architectured to support their growth. 

How Automated, Cloud-Based TMS Solutions Increase Productivity

By utilizing technology to digitize and index supply chain information, logistics companies can work more efficiently. 3PLs and brokers can maximize their efforts with the right digital solution if it includes:

  • Real-time visibility that reduces calls and emails
  • Collaboration in a single, intuitive network environment
  • Automated common workflows
  • High-speed payment processing that improves the customer experience
  • Exception management features for more prioritized use of time

An essential characteristic of cloud TMS systems is scalability. Cloud services enable businesses to grow without overhauling their systems. Thanks to freight data recording and analysis, cloud-based TMS technology can effectively adapt and scale alongside the growth of the company. The cloud is also a more cost-efficient way to store data because it eliminates the need for vast amounts of paper, reduces human error, and excludes any possibility of losing vital information. While many companies manage their supply chain systems on-prem, the cloud provides more accessibility and flexibility. As a result, users can look at data in real-time from any location, device or web browser. Additionally, cloud-based technology provides greater engagement and collaboration by enabling users to simultaneously access data in an integrated workspace. 

Amplify Performance and ROI by Digitizing Your Supply Chain

A robust, automated solution not only allows logistics companies to work more efficiently but also enables a higher return on investment. With technology, 3PLs and brokers can utilize data and analytics to make better-informed decisions. Reducing costs and increasing revenue becomes a far more obtainable task with features like:

  • A user-friendly interface to onboard customers faster
  • Real-time views into financial metrics for data-driven resolutions
  • Automated payment processing to save in labor hours
  • Carrier scorecards to reduce labor costs 

These are just a few of the ways logistics companies can leverage technology to gain actionable insights and higher rates of productivity. 

Beat the Competition with Technology that Future Proofs your Supply Chain

Adopting technology and automated solutions is a necessary step logistics companies must take to maintain a competitive advantage. To effectively future-proof their business, logistics companies should implement cloud-based TMS technology that allows them to increase their ROI and overall productivity. Companies should look for a platform with agile, robust, and resilient architecture as this will allow them to grow with their customers successfully. Contact Turvo today to learn more about how you can future-proof your business.

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