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What’s the Latest Definition of an Enterprise TMS

An enterprise TMS is a logistics platform used to aid businesses in planning, executing, and optimizing the specific functions of handling incoming and outgoing shipments. Often part of a more extensive supply chain management (SCM) system, a TMS helps companies stay compliant and log the proper documentation involved in the complicated processes of freight movement and fulfillment. Also known as a transportation management solution, this system provides visibility into day-to-day operations. And with over 90% of carriers in the market running more than 20 trucks in their fleets using a TMS to manage assets, understanding its latest value and top functions is critical for shippers, says FleetOwner. Moreover, it streamlines shipment procedures intending to ensure timely deliveries of freight and materials.

Understanding the Importance of TMS Platforms and the Role They Play in the Modern Supply Chain Network

Tools such as an enterprise TMS hold very high importance for many companies because they affect every part of the supply chain process. These platforms play a central role in the modern supply chain network and effectively optimize business for logistic organizations. By deepening the visibility into the movement of freight and shipment tracking, the duties of planning, procuring, and executing significantly become enhanced. Essentially, this leads to higher customer satisfaction which translates to more sales. An enterprise TMS allows companies to navigate complicated processes involved in handling shipments and creates room for businesses to grow by streamlining operations.

Situations in Transportation Management and Logistics That Enterprise TMS Systems Can Remedy

There are many situations that these supply chain platforms remedy. For instance, let’s say a company doesn’t have a transparent process established that aggregates freight analytics. To succeed in today’s logistic world, companies must have a method or process in place that helps them understand and utilize accurate shipping data. This grants businesses with better strategic decision-making practices by funneling reports and tracking every detail, especially when it comes to freight spend. An enterprise TMS also remedies the lack of visibility. With real-time tracking of the order information and shipment status, organizations enhance operations and improve customer service.

Benefits of Integration and Collaboration with Supply Chain TMS Platforms

Integrating a TMS platform comes with many benefits that amplify efficiency and improves a logistic company’s bottom line through the collaboration of this technology. Some of the core advantages of these robust systems include:

  • Reducing the overall cost for both the business and the end consumer.
  • The ability to automate processes such as invoicing and billing saves time and eliminates the chances of human errors.
  • Complete transit visibility ensures timely and accurate delivery, providing real-time tracking on a single platform.
  • An enterprise TMS dramatically improves customer service and communication with immediate updates and order status transparency.
  • Greatly reduces and mitigates the chances of lost shipments, damages, and errors.
  • Aggregates data analytics, allowing companies to spot out inefficiencies and improve operations.

TMS platforms simplify supply chain processes which result in both money and time-saving benefits. Along with substantially improving the customer experience, companies ultimately create room to scale by meeting customer demands.

Embrace the Newest Advances in Enterprise TMS Platforms and Enjoy the Benefits Today

Integrating a transportation management platform substantially boosts productivity and efficiency. By collaborating with the right technology, companies improve operations and create growth opportunities. Start reaping the rewards of complete visibility and customer satisfaction today with collaborative logistics that closely mirror that of the best enterprise TMS platforms on the planet. Connect with Turvo to get started. 

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