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Turvo Partners with FleetOps, Ushers in Freight Marketplace of the Future

The world’s leading collaborative TMS provider, Turvo, recently announced a new partnership with AI-powered freight marketplace aggregation tool FleetOps. This deep technology integration brings together Turvo’s transportation management systems with FleetOps’unique freight marketplace infrastructure, expanding Turvo’s carrier network and bringing more efficiency to the logistics industry. 

With deeply fragmented logistics networks, volatile freight rates, and a lack of transparency in operations, it’s challenging to ensure that resources are used optimally. Brokers and carriers must be connected to multiple load boards to get booked before moving their cargo. These manual operations also lead to higher costs and more friction. As a result, many labor hours are spent on tasks that can be digitized. This is where FleetOps becomes essential. 

“From a brokerage perspective, this integration will allow operators to save a significant amount of time, by providing the ability to access a large network of carriers and easily secure coverage in the spot market,” said Chris Atkinson, CEO of FleetOps. “We are excited to partner with Turvo, providing brokers with access to a large network of carriers from a tool they already use. With Turvo’s end-to-end TMS solution, FleetOps increases broker efficiency by aggregating capacity across several white-labeled ELD-powered load boards.”

With FleetOps coming into the picture, Turvo users can directly connect to a series of white-labeled load boards embedded directly within the ELD applications of their driver-partners. This will connect trucking companies to brokers by aggregating capacity across several ELD-powered load boards, and will provide easy access to this network via the Turvo TMS. With eight current ELD integrations and more being built, FleetOps’ broker and TMS partners stand to benefit from a continuously expanding carrier network.

With users across the spectrum, from owner-operators and small to mid-sized fleets, FleetOps focuses on spot market freight for the over-the-road trucking carrier. They specialize in FTL freight for van, reefer and flatbed trucks, as well as variations on these equipment types.

Benefits this partnership brings to carriers, brokers, and logistics networks:

Robust matching of capacity to demand:

Brokers typically resort to outbound calling, email blasts, or posting freight manually to individual load boards, which often results in multiple calls, inefficient negotiations, and a time-consuming booking process. 

FleetOps’ integration with Turvo’s transportation management system proactively connects brokers to carriers. As more and more carriers and drivers join the system, more brokers and customers have access to this expanded capacity, thus increasing the chances of connecting with the right services at the right time. 

By partnering with Turvo, FleetOps can provide their customers with an opportunity to get their loads in front of as many trusted options as possible and ensure that the FleetOps carrier network benefits from a steady stream of quality, diverse freight opportunities as well. 

Increase in efficiency and trust as well as mitigation of roadblocks in the logistics network:

FleetOps is a freight marketplace that matches trucking companies with shipment opportunities using vehicle data and AI. Currently boasting more than 227k drivers on the platform, organizations looking to bring efficiency to their freight operations, FleetOps is embedded across electronic logging devices (ELDs) to serve up the right load to the right carrier at the right time. By leveraging ELD data, carrier preferences, broker preferences, and machine learning, FleetOps brings trust and efficiency to the logistics market.  

FleetOps’ integration with Turvo will result in a much more efficient, quicker logistics process. Supply chains stand to benefit in terms of reduced freight rates and better real-time insight into cargo movements. By leveraging technology to give brokers and carriers a frictionless experience, this integration will create significant value for brokers, carriers, freight operators, and other logistics service providers. 

About Turvo

Turvo works to empower shippers, carriers, LSPs, and brokers with a completely streamlined, connected approach to comprehensive supply chain management, all in one collaborative TMS platform.

About FleetOps

FleetOps is a freight marketplace that matches trucking companies with shipment opportunities using vehicle data and AI

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