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Turvo’s Collaborative TMS Paved the Way for Port X Logistics to Triple Growth

Turvo’s Collaborative TMS Paved the way for Port X Logistics to Triple Growth

The past two years have created a series of hurdles and obstacles for the global supply chain. With the holiday shopping season in full swing, the question an average consumer has is “Where’s my stuff?” This is due, in large part, to the Amazon effect which has increased delivery expectations for not only domestic online shopping purchases, but for industries as a whole. Companies are running tighter and leaner more than ever and have customers at the center of their entire supply chain, which means that every delivery experience counts. 

That said, the pandemic has thrown a colossal wrench in the way things are supposed to work. Currently, Long Beach California is dealing with a record number of ships loitering outside the port, and that’s not the only place that’s getting increased traffic. Shipyards and ports across the country are stressed to capacity. Not only are ships bottlenecked in an attempt to unload, but many of them are being loaded  with empty containers, meaning U.S exports aren’t going out while imports are continuing to trickle in. 

Unfortunately, these disruptions aren’t going to go away anytime soon. In spite of all of this, Port X Logistics is experiencing significant and unprecedented growth thanks to Turvo TMS and Collaboration Cloud.

Tom Zeis, CIO of Port X Logistics, and Jeff Gran, VP of Sales Engineering with Turvo were recently invited to speak on Supply Chain Now about the success of their partnership.


Port X and the Bingo! Moment

For Port X, it’s all about the Bingo moment, which is to say it’s all about the customer. A “Bingo” moment is the internal Port X phrase used to describe when everything comes together to deliver exactly what the customer needs. Port X does business in the spirit of collaboration by putting its clients first — somewhat of a departure from a “business as usual” approach.

Those Bingo moments are glowing customer accolades where Port X has gone above and beyond and provided a truly unique service for their clients. This, in turn, means a number of positive recommendations and references for Port X to other potential clients which has only fueled the explosive growth.  

“Nothing is more important to a company than an enthusiastic reference,” says Greg White of Supply Chain Now. 

The Power of Collaboration

The problem with a number of legacy systems is that they are built for a traditional business. Rather than something sleek and flexible; they are hulking, cumbersome programs that are often souped-up versions of an Excel spreadsheet. Port X was looking for something that was attractive, user-friendly, and increased its overall visibility.  

After a thorough review of available logistics transportation management solutions (TMS), Port X decided to unify its logistics management strategy with a Turvo partnership. This collaboration creates a culture of excellence amid tech-driven insight and complete visibility into its operations. 

Visibility in the supply chain has always been an end goal for companies. In one example of deploying Turvo’s unified solution, a shipper and manufacturer in Germany became a system tenant user for Turvo through Port X. Port X uses Turvo to manage updates and send status updates. Armed with this information, the German manufacturer can better plan production. Port X can better plan drayage. They’re sharing and collaborating in real-time through Turvo.

For Port X, there are two very distinct advantages to adopting Turvo into their day-to-day operations. The first is that the onboarding process is a matter of hours rather than days or weeks. This is a tremendous benefit as many systems rely on outdated software and infrastructure and take a long time to implement and learn. 

Secondly, Turvo increases communication and collaboration that Port X has with its customers. Customers can access every bit of information they need in near real-time. 

“Our partnership with Turvo is helping us provide visibility for complex transportation moves. All stakeholders up and down the supply chain gain access to the shipment to track container status, view photos of the transload, and have 100% real-time visibility of the driver’s progress across the country” says Brian Kempisty Founder, Port X Logistics, LLC.

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Learn More About the Port X Partnership and the Power of Turvo

Tripling in growth is not an easy feat even at the best of times. To do so during a global pandemic is something truly inspirational. To learn more about the partnership between Port X Logistics and Turvo and watch the on-demand stream produced by Supply Chain Now, watch it here and share it with our supply chain partners.

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