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Freight Broker TMS Functions

Freight Broker TMS: What Are the Key Functions to Expect

A freight broker TMS has many vital functions that greatly enhance the operations of logistics companies. As Inbound Logistics points out, the value of integrating these systems in the supply chain and gaining complete visibility has become a significant priority for many businesses. These digital tools allow organizations to seamlessly share information and automate processes that keep supply chains running smoothly and efficiently. Collaboration with these systems provides excellent advantages to freight brokers, partners, and all involved in the process.

End-to-End Transparency Into All Owned and Contracted Assets

Poor transparency means confusion in the workplace. When there is no awareness or visibility regarding owned and contracted assets, disruption in the supply chain is at risk. Digital management tools offer straightforward communication that benefits all parties. This leads to a better experience every step of the way.

Complete Visibility Into Both Stored and In-Transit Inventory

Integrating a freight broker TMS yields many beneficial advantages for logistics companies. Implementing these powerful tools opens the door to complete visibility. This includes clear insight into inventory, orders, and shipments. With deep visibility into the entire transportation network, overhead is significantly reduced, and the possibility of lost shipments or inventory is substantially minimized. Digital TMS allows organizations to manage freight and logistics at an optimal level, accurately tracking shipments (both stored and in transit).

Seamless Sharing of Information in Real-Time

A freight broker TMS instantaneously shares essential information across the board in real-time. Through a centralized platform, customers and carriers can view the status and location of shipments. Highly accessible critical data bridges the communication gap across the board and empowers networks with every detail of the order movement process. Staying on top of the shipment lifecycle improves relationships with partners and ensures customer satisfaction in the supply chain, end-to-end. 

Automated Alerts for Exceptions, Such as Tags for Late, Early, or At-Risk Shipments

Digital enhancement technology like a freight broker TMS provides important alerts in any given scenario of transportation. Disruptions occur in the logistics world, but knowing the status of those disruptions allows businesses time to prepare. If a shipment is late, arrives early, or is at-risk due to damages, automatic notifications are sent straight away. This gives everyone the transparency needed to handle the challenge and provide alternative solutions that mitigate the disturbance.

Integrated, Digital Document Management

Integrating a freight broker TMS empowers logistic organizations with digital document sharing and a visual timeline of activities. The entire shipment process is virtually paper trailed through a virtual platform of seamless connectivity. This improves team member productivity and grants immediate check-ins with drivers at any given time. Using this streamlined approach ensures that the information doesn’t get lost, magnifying the accuracy of proper documentation accessible at the click of a button.

Analytics to Measure Performance

Gaining insight into analytics through a freight broker TMS enhances performance based on data-driven metrics. This deep awareness of lane conditions, carriers, and customers allows companies to strengthen business strategies and make informed data-backed decisions. Detailed freight analytics also improve the planning process for peak season, allowing logistics companies to predict trends. These tools amplify productivity for operations, finance, and back-office branches. 

Integrated Payment Management and Processing

Using an integrated payment management process that a freight broker TMS provides grants businesses the ability to tender payments automatically. No longer does the tendering process require human resources and unnecessary time spent. Automating payment management shortens the pay clock, benefiting both the company and the customer. Through this system, mistakes are mitigated, and tendering becomes simplified.

Choose the Right Freight Broker TMS by Starting With Collaborative Logistics

A freight broker TMS increases visibility and automates specific processes that make businesses more efficient. Using integrated technology, information is shared in real-time, resulting in seamless communication and complete transparency. Start benefiting from the right logistics technology today by connecting with Turvo

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