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Veritas Logistics: Standing Out in a Crowded 3PL Market with Turvo

In a compelling webinar presented by FreightWaves, leading experts from the freight and logistics industry convened to discuss the transformative effects of migrating to a modern TMS, away from legacy systems or even just basic spreadsheets. The focus was on Turvo’s collaborative TMS platform and how it drives efficiency and productivity. The panelists were Anthony from Turvo and Brian from Veritas Logistics, both of whom provided valuable insights based on their experiences with Turvo’s platform implementation and benefits.

Doing More With Less, In One Connected TMS

Brian, from Veritas Logistics, a significant player in the freight and logistics industry, emphasized how Turvo’s platform adoption dramatically streamlined their operations. “We were spending 90 minutes in the morning updating clients and getting their locations of trucks, whereas now that’s a 15 to 20-minute task,” he illustrated. This remarkable reduction in time and effort allowed Veritas to better utilize its resources in sales, strengthening client relationships and driving growth-focused strategies. Switching from self-managed servers with a privately hosted TMS, to Turvo, a cloud-enabled collaborative TMS, allowed Veritas Logistics to stop thinking about IT maintenance on their TMS and focus on actually serving client needs. 

But how does Turvo tailor its platform to suit businesses of different scales? Answering this, Anthony stated, “There are brokers, third-party logistics, shippers, carriers of all sizes on Turvo. We have customers that have revenues in the billions and customers who are small brokers with one person as a user.” This adaptability underscores Turvo’s mission: To deliver access to innovative and powerful features for all businesses, regardless of their size or operational complexity. Turvo accomplishes this through a range of both pre-built integrations, but also open APIs that allow anyone to develop new ones as well. The ability to bring data from outside sources directly into Turvo and not have to navigate away to a separate screen is just one example of this. Veritas Logistics has been able to use a DAT load board integration, as well as integrate a core EDI partner to have everything from booking and pricing loads to documentation all in one place.

Brian also pointed out that the investment in Turvo has been quantifiable – and that Veritas has finally been able to identify the ROI on an individual’s time and how it applies to each client they work with. With Turvo, Brian’s team has been able to identify the specific time required for tasks and discover where some clients may be more high touch than others, and then find ways to improve efficiency for these clients.

Striking a Balance Between People and Technology

Throughout the webinar, Anthony and Brian underscored the importance of balancing the transformative potential of technology with the crucial human element that underlies the logistics and supply chain industry. “It’s easy to look at technology as something that eliminates people. I look at technology as something that enables people to drive more value,” Anthony affirmed, highlighting the philosophy behind Turvo’s platform design.

Turvo’s technology is designed not to replace human capabilities but to enhance them. By empowering teams to leverage their skills and build stronger, more productive relationships with clients and partners, companies can gain a competitive edge in a bustling industry.

Leveraging Technology as a Selling Tool

Brian pointed out how Turvo’s platform has become a potent selling tool for Veritas Logistics, aiding in the acquisition of new customers and setting them apart in the crowded logistics market. The investment in such advanced technology, coupled with the tangible operational benefits offered by Turvo, makes for a compelling proposition to prospective clients, assuring them of a proficient and enduring partnership.

Addressing Industry Challenges and Driving Success

The discussion also touched upon the daunting challenges that often confront the industry, such as broker fraud and the urgent need for increased transparency and collaboration. Platforms like Turvo can effectively address these issues by providing a streamlined, secure space for seamless operations.

Reflecting on their experience with Turvo, Brian acknowledged, “It was a little scary at first,” nodding to the significant shift in work habits such a transition necessitates. However, the strong support offered by the Turvo team, especially the dedicated onboarding guidance, was invaluable in facilitating a smooth and efficient adaptation process.

Looking back, Brian suggested there wouldn’t be significant changes to their onboarding approach, despite some initial hesitations during the training phase. The availability of resources and continuous support from Turvo ensured a successful transition, vividly demonstrating the company’s unwavering commitment to its partners’ triumphs.

Turvo’s Investment in Innovation

As part of its future strategy, Turvo intends to continue enriching its platform with more features, staying abreast with the rapid evolution of the industry, particularly focusing on third-party logistics and supply chain functions. Turvo’s strong support from Bay Grove Capital and Lineage Logistics has further enabled us to invest deeply into research and development, exploring new technologies to make the lives of brokers, shippers, and their customers easier. Turvo’s focus on continuous improvement was discussed, and how aggressive the roadmap is compared to most other TMS.

Wrapping Up the Conversation

In the closing Q&A, Brian was asked what the next five years look like for Veritas and answered with a focus on both domestic OTR, as well as imports and significant growth in Drayage. He also noted in the Q&A that a connected, collaborative TMS like Turvo is no longer a “nice to have” – it’s the baseline for success in the freight brokerage industry.
Watch the webinar for the full story and how Turvo helps Veritas stand out and differentiate in a crowded marketplace to become more efficient through collaboration and transparency.

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